Worlds apart- movie

Worlds apart The movie “Worlds apart” is directed by Nielsen Arden People, and produced by Thomas Haines. The movie Is written by Steen Bible and a young girl, which life the movie Is based on. The movie Is a documentary, which means that the movie Is based on reality, and reflects the world as Is It. The movie Is about a girl names Sara. Sara Is 17 years old and lives In a family of six. The family Is a part of Jehovah witnesses, and Is a very religious family. The family has a close bond and is always together, until the father makes a mistake.

The mistake is so terrible that according to their faith, the parents can choose to get a divorce. The mother cannot forgive the father’s mistake, so she forces the children to choose which parent they want to live with. The children choose to live with their father, because they cannot understand why their mother will not forgive their father for his sin. One day Sara goes to a party with her best friend, Theta. At the party Sara meets a boy named Thesis. They fall deeply in love, and Thesis follow Sara home after the party.

Sara tells Thesis about her faith and Its ales, but he Is willing to take the change. Sara’s father finds out about their relationship, and he takes Sara to The Elders, so she can get help. The Elders determines that Sara has to end her relationship with Ethel. But Thesis will not give up, and Join the Jehovah Witnesses, so they can be together. Their love develops, and Sara tells her family that she is moving in with her mother, but is really moving in with Thesis. The Elders and the rest of her family find out about Sara’s lie, and they expel her from Jehovah Witnesses and from the family.

Sara gets into an argument tit Tee’s, and decides to run away from everything, also her faith. Sara is a 17 year old girl, who has short brown curly hair and blue eyes. She was born into a family were being a part of Jehovah Witnesses is priority. In the start of the movie Sara goes to business school, but drops out later to become a missionary for Jehovah Witnesses. Sara Is convinced that Jehovah is the truth. Her whole life has been safe and ignorant, and where religion guides and controls her In everything she does.

Throughout the movie Sara becomes more and more Interested in the “world outside”, especially when she meets Ethel, and their forbidden love begin. Sara Is also being put under a lot of pressure by her father. She needs to take care of her siblings, faith, school, family issues, being a missionary and a lot more at the same time. Thesis is 23 year old guy, who has short hair and is stoutly build. He works as a DC, and he makes his own music. Unlike Sara, Thesis does not have a religion he follows. He has his own apartment, and later in the movie he buys a house for Sara and him.

He is a very caring and loving guy, because when Sara got sick at the party, e helped her and followed her home. He is not afraid of speaking his mind, or when he is not agreeing in something. Sara’s father is and older man, who is short and have grey hair. He grew up in a very religious home, and he had never read any religious book besides the ones from Jehovah Witnesses. He wants his family to spend as much time as possible with their faith, and follow all the rules. He even loves Jehovah more than his own daughter.

He works as a hotel receptionist, and In the start of the movie he was a part of The Elders. In the end of the movie he gains rood of Sara every time she is involved with Jehovah Witnesses, but he can quickly turn vicious if Sara does something he does not like. The composition is in a chronological order, and the scenes could not have been switched around. The plot is driven by conflicts throughout the whole movie. The setting is the little town where Sara lives with her family, because throughout the movie Sara never leaves the little town, besides in the end were she runs away from everything.

The setting is a little bit antagonistic, because Sara’s house kind of shapes her into believing in Jehovah ND following his rules. The themes in the movie are religion and identity. The theme is religion, because the whole movie is about how Sara and her family live in the faith of Jehovah, and how it is hard to follow some of Jehovah rules. The theme is also religion, because Sara and Thesis cannot be together because of Sara’s religion’s rules. Identity is also a very important theme in the movie, because throughout the whole movie Sara is trying to figure out who she is, and which chances she needs to take in life.

The movie gives a good view on the differences teens the two worlds. The one world is like we know it, and the other one is the world in the faith of Jehovah. I think it is an amazing movie, because you learn so much about how Jehovah witnesses live and all of their rules. The movie reminded me a little bit about the movie “The boy in the striped pajamas”. The movie is about a rich boy, who gets bored, finds a concentration camp and becomes friends with one of the Jews in there. They also live in two very different worlds, but find each other in the middle, and accepts each other’s differences.