What are my goals within the military

While I was in Korea I found out about White House Communications Agency and that became my new dream but back in 2010 1 was unable to get accepted in to White House Communications Agency so I had to find a new goal. So I started college so that I can get my degree and hopefully go to law school in the near future but I was a 19 year old child and Just wanted to have fun. While I was at Fort Stewart, GA I noticed how all of the SSP and below was getting missed treated in my unit and no one would be allowed to go to the promotion board so I set out to become a Sergeant so that I can make a change to he leadership in my unit.

So needless to say I began my Journey to becoming a Non Commissioned Officer. It was hard; I had to go up my whole chain of command in order to get to a Soldier of the Quarter board. While working for my Sergeant the opportunity to Join White House Communications Agency was presented to me once again. So I applied for it and I got in this time and started my process to obtain my top secret clearance while I was still fighting to go to the promotion board.

I won the Soldier of the month board and Soldier of the Quarter and finally my 1st Sergeant awe it my way with a little motivation from our Command Sergeant Major and I obtained my profitable status and received order to go on to Washington, DC to the White House Communications Agency. Now I am at White House Communications Agency and I feel like my career is at a standstill. I wanted to come to White House Communications Agency because I thought it would be better for my career but I am not so sure anymore.

Yes White House Communications Agency will look great on anyone military record and yes it will look great on anyone civilian record but for good looks it’s not worth all of the trouble. Being at White House Communications Agency is not like being in a regular Army unit and so what comes with that is not getting taken care of as you would be in a regular unit. I want to do great things in my Military career and I want to make a change and stand out but being here is so denominating.

I noticed it’s more like high school where I work. There are all of these groups and if you don’t fit into one or you fit in to the wrong one you get deemed a sit bag Soldier. You’re either a super Soldier, and k or slightly better than k Soldier, or you’re a sit bag Soldier. No one takes you to the side a try to talk to you to find out what is going on with you, to see how you are doing, or what is going on in your life. It’s like once you have one of those titles here then that is it, it is what you will be forever seen as.

Things were different in a regular Army unit, yes every unit has there unfit Soldiers but they were not deemed as such until after all measure had been taken to find out what is going on. So as of right now my future goals in the Military is to finish my degree, work on getting my law degree, and becoming a Commissioned Officer. From what I have experienced and dealt with on the Non commissioned Lizard, Courtney R. SST USA WHOM,WHICH Page 2 of 2 Officer side of the Military and from what I have seen makes me not want to be a part of the enlisted side any longer.

Don’t get me wrong, I like having a soldier and mentoring them to becoming a leader. I know my Job as a Non Commissioned Officer and I don’t let my feelings get into way of my duties I have as a Non Commissioned Officer. I wanted nothing more than to be a great Non Commissioned Officer and train, lead, and mentor up and coming Soldier but it takes lot out of you. When you have so much going on in your personal life to the point of where it is affecting your Military life and no one seems to care and Just tell you that you are a sit bag Soldier it Just takes a toll on you.

So as of right now my future goals in the Military is to finish my degree, work on getting my law degree, and becoming a Commissioned Officer. I would like to in my near future get accepted in too law school and try to go green to gold. There are programs out there that will help soldiers beside tuition assistance that would like to utilize so that I may become a Jag tit in the Army. I realize I have two years left in White House Communications Agency and I have to figure out once again with I want out of my Military career or even if I want a Military career.

Within the next two years I would like to be close to finishing up my degree or have obtained my bachelor’s degree. School has become my number one priority, it will help me get promoted and also help me out once I depart from the Military. I would like to look into the green to gold program and being a Jag. It is a lot more research I have to do for as that is concerned. I would like to also make it to Staff Sergeant before my time at White House Communications Agency is up.

I know that I can be a good leader if given the chance; I can prove myself and prove everyone against me wrong. So over these next two years I am going to work on myself and motivate myself to become the leader I know I can be with or without encouragement from my peers or leadership. I would like to do more volunteer work with in the White House Communications Agency and also around Washington, DC. I always have fun helping others and it brings Joy to me knowing I m doing some good. I would like to start my own yearly volunteer program.

It’s something that I have been thinking about for a while. I want to help out underprivileged children who can’t do any much as other children. Kind of like a big brother or big sister program, or I can Join a program like that here in Washington, DC. I would also like to help feed more families, start doing food backs; especially during the holidays. I would also like to go to more classes that White House Communications Agency have to offer. I would like to get my security plus certificate ND such certificates as A plus, Network plus, and windows.