Vision on Education

Every man in this world are precious beings endowed with multifaceted talents and potentialities. The successful men whom the society admires and glorifies as ‘extraordinary men’ are ordinary men with extraordinary perseverance and endeavourer. The two profoundly significant terms are aptitude and attitude. The primary decisive factor in one’s life is to identify one’s own aptitude and then to articulate appropriate attitude conflated with sheer dedication and determination.

Such an orchestrated rendering though invariably breed success sometimes could temporally go wrong. In the vicissitudes of life, ups and downs are natural and this perception enables one to work hard and do his/her duties irrespective of desired results (Mishmash Karma). Failures turn stepping stones to success if approached optimistically. Realization of one’s aptitude and talents enables one to better his career. Financial sustenance and desirably high social position with a mind for social revive are highly appreciated in every society.

Biblically speaking, every man is invested with talents and if one keeps them unused, then his talents will be taken away and be distributed to those who multiply them. Hence, the God given potentialities should be utilized to the core that not only benefits oneself but also the society. The term education is derived from the Latin word “educate” which means to lead forth, to Illuminate. Hence education should provide all round development (M K Gandhi).

A prospective teacher should ascend to the level of an educator who conceptualizes Ideas based on empirical thoughts. Rather than adopting strategies, s/he must privilege adaptation – eclecticism may be preferred to essentialist. S/he should descent down to the level of the learners to raise them to higher standards. Apart from Imparting knowledge; Inculcating acculturation, moral values and an impulse for service Implicated In Inspiring then to become proud citizens of the world entails the profound function of an educator.