Video Game Have a Socially Redeeming Quality

Many people and parents like to say that video games brainwash and distract their friends, children or family members from their everyday lives. But when you actually consider how advanced gaming today has become, these people would see that gaming is more connected than ever. The fact that video games do have a “socially redeeming value” is very prevalent today.

With the use of Wi-If and other similar internet connections, video gamers anywhere can wirelessly connect with other players all over the world. A player could initiate a war with another gamer half way across the world, all with the push of a button. This kind of instant connection could be considered an entirely new cyber universe. Simultaneous gaming and verbal communication is key. These new advances in gaming allow gamers to play multi-player games with whomever they want wherever these people may be.

These players are no longer rearranging themselves into and endless game-a-thong on their own, they are actually interacting with people from different cultures and backgrounds all over the world. People young, old and everywhere In between and Joining In and signing online to play in this new world of interactive gaming. For Instance, the video game “Halo’ from Microsoft Gaming Studios.

When you sit and wonder who your friend, child or sibling could possibly be yelling at while laying this game, the real person they are yelling at Is their opponent who Is able to sync with them through their gaming console and verbally communicate with the other gamer. So, no longer are these gamers spending endless house on end In a single-sided romance with their gaming console, but they are actually building new relationships with people everywhere with a common Interest. This method Is a whole new era of social communicating. You don’t have to physically with someone to bond with them.