Unit Homework

I think with the aspect of economics the company has done the right thing as far s design great drugs in the past, and often even took losses with the making and delivery of those drugs. When It comes to Volvo, I tend to believe that they should have Informed the public and the doctors prescribing and taking this drug with all their findings and notions before the hard evidence came about. I do believe that not telling the whole truth about their findings to the doctors and the pubic goes against my belief in ethics.

If I had anything to do with the distribution of the drug before the 2004 removal from market, I would have really studied the reports and warnings, and f I saw what was being reported and said from the scientist, then I would have stopped the sale of it then, and not wait until 2004. I would then have made a public address and told the public and doctors why we are stopping the sale and production of this drug. This would have again put more faith Into the company from the public view as well.

This is a hard question because if we look at the tobacco companies, they are still selling tobacco that has been proven over and over again to be harmful to humans and animals. I am a smoker and hopefully one day will quit, UT for a company to continue to produce and sell a known harmful and deadly product, this Is ethically bad for them as well as our government to even allow it. Where Is the ethics In all of this? Will never figure that one out. , If you disapprove of what Merck has done, would you go to the head of your division-the vice president of marketing or the chief financial officer-and attempt to convince him or her of your viewpoint? Even if you would not personally go to your superior at Merck (due to career risks), think about how you would word your explanation in order to be invoicing to others. If It were myself I would have without a doubt went to whoever I could have and told them my thoughts and feelings about this drug and what could happen to the company if people died or were hurt from this questionable drug.

I do not believe that I would have thought about my job or career at this point, because if I could have stopped some of the bad results from the use of this drug, then I would get my rewards from the company and personally my own. The way I would present this, is that I would have all the information and studies with me to show who I was speaking o auto tins. I snout a De addle to gather enough International Tanat would really make by boss or whoever really think about the situation that we were facing. , If you approve of what Merck has done, would you then tell your friend in charge of consumer tests at Merck,”Oh, that’s K. I’ll be glad to take all the free Vigor you can spare for Dad. ” Let us assume that you would not. Let us now further assume that the pills come in dissociable capsules with the company name-Merck or Pfizer- printed on the side of each one. Your father probably will not care very much-he’ll be glad to et either one-but let us lastly assume that your mother will be curious. She’ll want to know why you changed the prescription.

What would you tell her, and how would you now word your explanation in order to be fully convincing to her that this is the right thing for you to do? First of all, I would not give anything to my father or anyone, if I knew of any dangers from it, even if it was free. If I did indeed change the prescription then I would tell both of my parents the reasons for it and the case studies about the drug that he was taking. I would present the findings and the warning to both of them as ell, and I believe that they would respect my decision and worries. , Lastly, do you agree with the belief of George Merck, the founder, that if a company puts people ahead of profits, the profits will come. Or do you think that is far too simple a prescription for corporate health? What, if anything, would you add to his statement? I like the statement that he made and for the most part it is true. I would only add something like “We are in the best interest of caring for people who need cared for”. I believe if you have a vision statement like this that the public will gain trust and your respect.