Tomorrow when the war began narrative intervention

As Carrie and I sadly drove away from the others in Else’s Land Rover, I started to question myself whether or not I truly wanted to risk my life for a girl that could potentially die at or on the way to the hospital. My head was bursting with questioning thoughts, that I wasn’t quite sure how to answer, “What If Carrie idles? “, “What happens if we get caught and become prisoners of war? “, “How will I carry on in life all on my own?. ” In order to get to the hospital with minimal risks, needed to get my head together and carry on with this skeptical drive, however, still keep in mind all of these threatening possibilities.

I turned my head to the back of the car to see Carrie; you could tell she was very uneasy and slowly drifting away from normality. “Carrie” I said, need to try and stay awake, we aren’t too far from the hospital. You’re going to be okay, Just hold on for a little longer. ” She replied with “Kevin, hurry please. I don’t know how much longer I can hold on for. This material Isn’t going to stop the bleeding for much longer. ” I was going 100 k/pH but then rapidly sped up to 160 k,’pH. I lost track of time, but all I knew was that the daylight was disappearing.

After taking the back roads we had finally approached the Hardwire hospital. The town was awfully quiet, so quiet that I could hear my pounding heart out In the open, making me fall In to great suspicion that I was In some sort of trap ready to be captured. Carrie and I were still in the car with the engine running. I didn’t want to get out Just yet, unsure of why, but I knew there was soon to be a reason. Turning my head, I noticed three large security cameras In view. Without thinking clearly.

Immediately swerved out of sight Into a small dark alleyway not knowing it had a dead end. We hid in there for a few minutes, so I could swiftly hint about how I could get Carrie out of the car and safely into the hospital without being seen. Before I really even had a minute to consider my options, I hear loud and obnoxious helicopter’s hovering about 50 meters above us In the Alley. Carrie tries to sit up but fails, she curiously says “Kevin, can you hear that? Or is it Just me? ” My body fills with adrenalin.

Like lightening I reverse out of the tight ally, “Hold on Carrie” I said. I then realize I am trapped. There is no escape. Soldiers in army tanks and helicopters with massive machine guns surround Carrie and I in every direction. Carrie, I’m sorry. I tried my hardest to get you to safety, although it wasn’t good enough. We are trapped and there is no escape out of here. I love you” I say to Carrie who is lying in the back seat helplessly, struggling to breathe although as always, she Is still retaining her beauty.

Carrie replies with her last deep breaths “Kevin, remember I love you, but, there’s nothing else you can do now. You can’t save me. Whatever happens from here on, always know I’ll be watching over you, guiding you through you’re every step. ” There was no time to say anything else since the soldiers ere fiercely demanding us to get out of our vehicle. I Jumped out of the car and went to the back door to get Carrie out. She was stiff, pale and freezing cold, her beautiful blue eyes rolled back with her eyelids closing.

It started to heavily rain down on the soldiers and l. Softly picking Carrie up out of the seat, I held her in my distress. While looking up into the pouring, dark and miserable sky, falling onto my knees, I scream, ‘WHY!? WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE MY DEAR ANGEL, CARRIE? ” I laid Carrie down onto the road and gently kissed her forehead, then, surrendered myself to the army men who spoke nothing of English. Two soldiers had come behind me and handcuffed my hands behind my back then forcefully pushing me to stand up and walk.

I felt as if this was the end of my life and wished for them to shoot me in the head then and there. The soldiers vigorously shoved me into one of the trucks which was filled with 1 middle aged man and 2 middle aged ladies, 1 with a young child. I felt goose bumps override my whole body and I start to lose feeling of my arms, my lips turning purple. My only option is to lie on the floor of the truck in a ball like shape to try and maintain as much body warmth as I can. It’s a long drive to where ever we are driving to and I was finding it hard to keep my eyes open, so I Just blacked out.

I woke up too soldier bashing on my body with a hard black bar, signaling me to get out of the truck. As I Jump off of the truck the first thing I see is thousands of dirty, anorexic, neglected men, women and children of all ages slaving away. A thought rushed upon me, I had seen this place somewhere before, then realizing this was the place I had left Carrie and Elli to fend for themselves as I quickly ran away like a scared little boy. I instantly comprehend I have become a orisons of war.

I am being re-cuffed with new chained handcuffs, this time my hands placed in front of me and then I am elbowed to the ground and order to get to work. After five days of starvation, being beaten and having labor forced upon me, I felt like my body was in shut down mode as I wasn’t used to such harsh living conditions. The hardest part wasn’t only knowing I had days and even months of this lifestyle but having to live with the fact that, Carrie more than likely died because of my poor actions. I see this slavery as karma and although I’m enduring enough pain, I ill never forgive myself until the day I die.

The suffering has continued for days and is getting worse by every living minute. As much as I believe I deserve to be in this death hole of a place, I wish for it to be over. Often I wonder what my life would be like or what would’ve happened if I Just left Carrie helplessly to die on the lounge like homer suggested and carried on with the rest of the group? I wonder where the others are and if they’re still alive? If they had ever tried coming back for us? All that’s left to wonder is how I’m going to get the hell out of here.