Sulfur Mustard (Mustard Gas)

Mustard gas was possibly first invented by Cesar-Messmate Desperate in 1822, but as he never mentioned any kind of irritation, it is doubtful. The final formula was actually created by the British Hans Thatcher Clarke, that worked with the Germans, as he modified the original one adding different chemicals. It was supposed to work as a poison, but one day when one of his test tubes broke and caused him 3rd degree burns all along his right arm.

Effects The gas causes severe irritation that produces the blisters In the skin that sometimes led The soldiers that inhaled It got blistered lungs that made them to choke on their own blood Gas masks weren’t useful as they TLD prevent the gas to be absorbed through the skin Advantages Can kill mass groups of soldiers or rend them useless It wounds more soldiers than It kills and so others had to attend to the wounded and therefore were distracted, and became easy targets Disadvantages It shows no mercy and could affect your own soldiers No effective method to deploy : Gas pellets could just be carried in small amounts

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If they threw gas bombs or used pipes the direction of the wind could take it back to themselves Basic timeline First used in WWW Allies could not perfect the gas and actually use it until 1917 From 1943-1944 experiments were performed on Australian volunteers In 1993 an American shipment of ammunition that also had several mustard gas pellets, was attacked,causing the pellets to go off, hospitalizing 628 men and killing Just three. The chemical weapon convention of 1993 prohibited its use, manufacture or distribution.