SOP for industrial Engg

Since my childhood I am always fascinated by the way things work with less human effort. With the daily interference of technology my curiosity was aimed towards unraveling the functioning of physical devices. Encouraged by my parents and teachers and my Innate predilection for science and technology, a mechanical engineering degree was the most appropriate career choice . My undergraduate program was a judicious mix of theory and practice. Subjects like Operation research, Engineering management, automobile engineering, total Quality management, and Process planning Control fascinated me. ND This drive I made me take efforts to acquire extended knowledge on these topics outside the realms of my curriculum syllabus. These not only enhanced my learning but also reflected in my excellent academic grades. As part of my academic training, I undertook projects that tested my fundamentals and applied skills. In addition to this, I underwent In-plant practical training at Brat Heavy Electronics Ltd. , which Is one of the leading and largest Integrated rower plant equipment manufacturing companies In India.

During the Industrial trailblazing I received firsthand experience of working on exposure to various optimization processes involved in manufacturing and assembly lines and several process automation machines including the process of batch processing and automating on the production line that saved time and money. For the first time I realized how Operation Research and Lean Manufacturing techniques work hand in hand in setting up the entire production system, thereby sparking an instant association for the area.

Apart from this, I successfully completed an in plant training at Jihad Gears Imperative, Maharajah’s one of the multipurpose manufacturing giants in Maharajah’s, India, where I was exposed to various manufacturing and operating systems like Lathe Machine operations, heavy duty material handling, heavy weight die casting etc. Towards this, I am particularly interested in his/her group’s contribution in s work and believe that will be vital in the years to come .

Additionally, their work is in line with my current training level and interests, which make it an ideal choice for me . In addition exposure to cutting edge technology and a stimulating on campus life would contribute immensely in the development of my over all personality. Towards this your institution seemed a natural choice considering the repertoire of resources and presence of world-class faculty that are involved with the program. I am confident that with my educational backgroundundergrad Degree in Mechanical

Engineering and Individualistically related experience Including techno-functional expertise In optimization solutions, Project Management experience, personal traits like quest for detail, Inquisitiveness and desire to excel ,and passion to lead teams make me a strong candidate for a Graduation degree in Industrial Engineering. Aid in contributing towards advancement of technology. It is against this backdrop that I would earnestly implore you to consider my candidature, hoping that you would provide me an opportunity to be a part of your esteemed institution.