Son of sam

Borrowers had some very clear psychiatric problems. Davit’s problem started early in his childhood as he s a very anti-social child. But the real mental issues began in his teenage years. For as long as he could remember his adoptive parents told him he was adopted because his biological mother had died giving birth to him. This made him harbor guilt that he was the reason for her death. However what upset him more and spiraled him into his psychological problems and rage was learning the real truth about how he was brought into this world and his adoption.

To make matters worse at the age of 14 his adoptive mother died of breast cancer leaving David with no mother figure. I think all these factors contributed to his hate towards women and hat drove him to be determined to kill a woman because of all the suffering they had caused him. Thus starting his attacks and killing spree. Although David went to see a physiologist in the years before the killing spree after incarceration David was deemed a Paranoid schizophrenic. Paranoid schizophrenia causes a person to hear auditory hallucinations and things that are not real.

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It also causes someone to believe that they are a “powerful” human being, more so then the normal person. This condition could have contributed to the heinous crimes he committed because of the voices he claimed to be hearing coming from his neighbor’s dog. He believed the dog to be possessed by the devil and that he was doing the devils work by killing others, in doing so he was therein protecting himself from Satan. I do believe that David Borrowers should have been deemed mentally ill.

It is extremely clear to not only society but professional medical doctors that he was not of sound mind when he committed these crimes and probably not of sound mind in the years leading up to the murders. However, if he is not going to ever be released into society or ever be a contributing member of society than I don’t see any reason to put him in a mental lath facility as opposed to prison. Either way he is never going to see the light of day and it may cost more money to house him in mental health facility rather than a prison.

I sit on the fence as to rather or not it is appropriate or ethical to incarcerate someone with a mental illness. I feel as though it was truly not their intended character to commit these crimes but at the same time these types of people are threats to society and cannot be in the general population. Depending on the seriousness of the crime I think no matter what mentally ill people should be housed somewhere where they can be monitored closely. If they have committed a mass killing spree I do believe that prison is the appropriate place for these types of people. I think David Borrowers knew what he was doing when he did it.

He said he would have a mental orgasm at the moment he thought he killed someone and that he felt he was playing God and was now and important person. That had a great impact on his mental state because he had always felt he was an accident and not wanted. But the mental capacity of a normal sound mind at the time of the crimes was not what he had. Although his lawyer strongly advised him to plead insanity he id not head that advice and decided to plead guilty because he wanted to be put away so he couldn’t hurt anyone ever again. I think Borrowers choose his victims based on his troubled past.

I think women were his main target because he felt they were the main cause of his pain and he wanted them to suffer like him. For example, he said he hated women that danced because it was provocative and he saw them as easy and sexual and in his mind he feels that there could be “illegitimate” children as a result and he didn’t want anymore “illegitimate” children to suffer like he did. This is an example of victim precipitation theory. The victim precipitation theory is the belief that certain people may actually initiate the confrontation that eventually leads to injury or their death.

There are two parts to victim precipitation theory; active precipitation and passive precipitation. Active precipitation occurs when victims act in a provocative manner, use threats or fighting words, or even attack first. Passive precipitation occurs when the victim exhibits some personal characteristic that unknowingly either threatens or encourages the attacker (Siegel, 2012, p. 80). I think the victims in Borrowers first crime was passive victim precipitation theory. The first murder was two female friends Just sitting in a car in front of their house.

I believe this was passive precipitation because of his hate for women. His first kill he was determined to kill a women because of all the suffering the women I his life had caused him. Three months later when he shot a couple sitting in their car injuring the man, I think that this was an example of active precipitation. The couple was in the car making out and to David this could have led to sex and the creation of another illegitimate child. This is active precipitation because they were in a public place making out, making it “provocative”. In his mind all of his killings had a rationalization.

Today David Borrowers sits at Sullivan Correctional Facility in Flashbulb, NY, where he will more than likely stay the rest of his life. He claims to have had a spiritual rebirth and expresses much remorse for the crimes he has committed. He hopes that the families someday will forgive him states that he understands if they do not. “Since his spiritual rebirth, David has worked tirelessly with mentally and emotionally challenged inmates at Sullivan as a mentor, spiritual adviser and friend. He is the only prisoner at Sullivan permitted to do this. He is insider a model prisoner by authorities and the other inmates call him Brother Dave.