Social impact of tech

Technology can be defined in two ways; the social definition – Technology is defined as specific Information and know-how related to development or production that is used to improve efficiency and communication’. Also UNESCO 1 985 definition of technology – Technology as the know-how and creative processes that may assist people to utilize tools, resources and systems to solve problems and to enhance control over the natural and man-made environment in an endeavourer to improve the human condition’.

Technology has impacted social communities in varieties of ways ND Is continually to Improve; but as technology emerges both negative and positive impacts can cause havoc on individuals, groups and communities. Computers communication technology in the workplace that has advanced and many positive outcomes during the years has raised job satisfaction. Computers and communication technologies have excelled communication such as being connected 24/7 through phone, via email, instant messaging, and social networking sites, mobile phones or via video calls such as Keep.

Computers In the work place have been a retreat advantage and time saver; you can type up, edit, finish and send via email. This has been huge impact on the quantity and quality of work produced. Technological advances In health and medicine such as helping people with various health concerns such as artificial limbs and hearing aids both will affect the wellbeing of a person positively knowing they can have independent and equipment’s such as surgical procedures for example the key hole surgery this programs a smaller hole then opening the chest up/non-invasive surgery.

Also the creating and developing of dedication this includes insulin injected into diabetes sufferers for convenience and safety and for cancer suffers radiotherapy or chemotherapy are improved options. Advance in medicine and technology will continue to grow and develop giving people hope and chances in life. As well as advances in health there are advances in communication and knowledge about the new technological Impact this allows poorer communities to reach medical help they may need and develop a different understanding and acknowledge other health and medicine qualities.

Communities re continuously to support research and help promote awareness and prevention; this includes vaccines and the support of a healthy lifestyle. Social networking sites have spouted over the last couple years first Bebop, namespace, tumbler, twitter but on the very top the most popular social site would be Faceable according to Passbook’s statistics page, the site holds over 400 million active users. Many factors such as negative aspects and positive aspects have affected communities.

Social networking sites have changed the way we communicate personally and professionally for work t enables connection to clients and employees and personally social networking sites have brought people closer and have made people who need to seek help, knowledge and lord stay connected eligible. As well as teachers, students and tutors this Is a great way to stay connected and to ask of help and/or to reach students who are geographically disadvantaged. Social networking sites can help small business to efficiency.

On the flip side social networking sites have been a downfall this has encouraged bullying, harassment, internet addiction and fraud etc. Cyber bullying as increased in numbers and is easier to do due to social networking sites and making groups etc. Also sites that include WebMD chats this is easier for younger girl/girls looking for attention to put themselves out their unprotected and unaware of sexual harassment and pedophilia. Physiological problems such as addiction checking on your Faceable every second stalking people this is a negative effect even the way we communicate, our social behavior has deceased.

The effect is has on the community has been shocking in the amount of time it has been active. It plays a age part in our social status and mentality. Adolescence is the period following the onset of puberty during which a young person develops from a child into an adult. This generation Y, the generation of oncoming technology and problems follow as you reach high school or even before nowadays technology becomes more a part of your life and keeping up with the continuous cycle of new and improved can take toll on your social status and wellbeing.

Being out castes can affect your wellbeing and mental health having all the range of new gadgets and showing off could case bullying and not having the ewe for example phone 6 could also increase bullying due to not being ‘cool’. A popular treatment happening is cyber bulling by being connected 27/4 adolescences are able to target or become a target through various sites; as well as having a Faceable app on your phone you are contacted straight away. This generation is social network dependent and it will continue onto next generations.

Technology has a role in enhancing efficiency in the workplace from communication to new and improved gadgets and by having these you save time and money. Efficiency relates to he ability to do something without wasted energy or effort. The workplace is a prime example of a place where time is short and rushed. An example of a technological efficiency people in data-entry roles can enter data in computers and allow the computer to analyses and interpret data in less time this is an upgrade from doing it on pen and paper and you can move on to more tasks.

Another example is food processing machines in restaurants this can blend or mix food while doing another task thus creating efficiency. Technology has made Jobs easier in some circumstances o workers can complete tasks faster and more effectively. Computer crime or e- crime relates to criminal offences where computers or electronic devices have been used. Computer crime or e-crime is becoming more popular in the news this includes credit card fraud, online auction fraud, computer hacking, harassing emails, sexual and photocopied harassment.

These are all huge current issues relating to the new development of technology. Issues arise nonstop social networks and various other sites that can connect children and pedophilia 2417 are not safe and/ or exposed to a range of sites for example pornography or WebMD chatting sites this issue will continue on as along as technological advances and blind spots in the web stopping crime fighters in.

Electronic media is where individuals can access a multitude of data and information electronically for example Wisped has 700 million viewers a year; this is used as a major research tool and any individual can incorrect information. Credit card fraud and online auction hacking is an issue and this could lead to huge trouble including losing all your money and personal details UT can be stopped through not giving anyone your personal details, installing firewalls, virus protection and avoid opening emails from non-contacts.

This has developed from technological development through hacking skills and finding new ways to past security. As technology develops people will find new ways to do computer crime and issues arise. A positive is as technology becomes stronger so doesn’t the crime stoppers technology tracking phones, hacking people accounts etc. To find where there going more development means police can be one step ahead of the criminal.