Sick Child Care

You and your partner work outside the home. You live away from your parents’ home and have no one to turn to for help at home. So, usually, your children attend nursery school. One day, your child catches a cold and has a fever. However, you cannot take off from work that day. What do you do at a time like this? Today, I stand here to talk about the present state of sick child care and how to support working women. Sick child care is to take care of children in place of the working mother.

Now, in Japan, there are two types of institutions for sick child care; one is an institution built with financial help from the national government; the other is an institution which Knops set up as a business enterprise. The former can be enjoyed with subsidy, but 64% of them are now operating in the red because of specific constraints. The subsidy only runs short of paying labor costs. The specific constraints also cover usage fee. That Is an average of about 2000 yen at one time In low price decision, and the usage fee becomes too cheap.

So, at the moment sick child care has trouble spreading. One day, there is one mother who has a child on the sick. She tried to take care of her sick child herself, but her child took a long time recovering until the fever was gone. So, she drew on sick child care because of work. However, she was refused admission because of limited capacity. After all, she took off from work and had to take care of her child. In addition, her company was outraged because she missed too many days from work. In the end, she had to quit the job. “l really want to take off from work and take care of my child… According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare In 2009, female workers hope to Juggle work ND family. However, In reality there are a high percentage of women who give priority to their job, and especially, about 30 % of full-time female workers give priority to their jobs. This is as many as one third of full-time female workers. Because of the cost of parental care and educational and economic insecurity, now, two-income households are the norm. So, sick child care is necessary. There is an effective example of sick child care even this condition. I’d like to focus on the NAP called the “Florence”.

This NAP does not have specific institutions and does monthly membership fee system. Moreover, primary care doctors make diagnoses. The link baby doctors do support and child minding people receives fulfilling training and practical work. This system Is safe and enduring. So, “Florence” can carry out ongoing activity. Now, I’d like to make a suggestion to the Japanese and local government to support teen working mother. I nee snouts try to Locus Walt can Institution to decide usage fee on a practical level. To receive the subsidy from the government, each institution is constrained to decide on the usage fee.

If they decide on the usage fee, conduct stable activities. If they conduct stable activities, sick child care will have increased. It helps helpless people. It is important to continue activity for sick child care even if usage fee is off slightly high cost. The government and the NAP become activated and stand shoulder to shoulder for sick child care. Next, I have a message for everyone here today. I think sick child care is an activity where both man and woman should take each other’s hands on the matter. Right now, we are university students, but in the near future, many of us will get married and have children.

When you start raising your child, you may have to face he problem of sick child care. Therefore, I hope you receive this problem as your own problem. We can change this situation by changing our mind. Ladies and gentlemen, now in Japan, some women cannot work even if they want to continue their Jobs because of the priority of parental care. We should work to reduce the burden of raising children for women by supporting them in mind and spirit. Let us create a society where working women can bring up their children comfortably. Let us create a society where we all support parental care for mothers, children, and our society.