Tickers, being the son of Any, Dossier’s first wife is treated vastly different than Saga. Saga was the most important character to me because I learned the most about Segue and the society through him. I noticed how serious suicide was viewed In the society. Even though he Is the son of Douglas and Is about the same age as Tickers, society views him much differently. So differently in fact that when Saga starts to shows signs of sickness, Any brings him to Kumara, the fetish priest.

However, because his is the son of a slave, and a woman who committed suicide, he ill not make time to see him. This was interesting to me in that I really realized the power of the caste system and that even such a power thing like religion cannot overcome It. When Saga Is having nightmares about his mother and how she committed suicide he remembers the kindness that Any showed him by picking hall up and treating him like her own son (or near it at least). It is amazing to me that someone as blameless as an newborn baby could be viewed a sin.

No one wanted to touch him, the way no one wanted to touch the corpse of his mother, after she had omitted suicide. Also, through Saga, I realized how large the rift between the Bambina traditional religious people and the Muslim people was. Saga, who held his brother Telethons secret, was sick with having to keep It. It really made me realize how Important religion was, and what a terrible It was that Tickers wanted to convert. Also, I find it interesting how different Tickers and Saga are treated despite the fact that they are the same age and have the same father.

When they were circumcised gather although they were both considered to be men, Tickers was more celebrated than Saga. When he was named, similarly he was not shown nearly the same attention as Tickers received. “So while on the eighth day the blood of white rams had flowed in honor of Outlook, amid the clamor of trumpets, xylophones and drums of all shapes and sizes, for him, Saga, only a couple of cockerels had been dispatched to the gods and the ancestors, so that they might not be totally against him” (30).

This to me exemplifies how he is treated within society. He is not treated badly, he is mostly Just ignored. Like he mentioned that his brother Tickers ignores him. It seems they give him the basic rights that every citizen has, but they never outdo themselves, for such an unworthy cause. This fact always causes there to be Jealousy and resentment on Slag’s part towards Outlook. Later In the novel, while they are in Timeout, Saga (or Aimed as he is called) falls in love with Fatima.

I think this is interesting because when he is talking to her he mentions that he is the son of a Boolean in Segue, but he says no more than that. It is as if he can start over in Timeout, but he becomes more prideful in his new life and even more resentful of Tickers. I find that Saga, demonstrated to me, a lot about African society. Also, I am Interested In seeing winner Slog will go Trot mere. I thank It Is Interesting ten transformation that he has undergone thus far- he is, in my opinion, the most changed character in the novel. I can only imagine how Saga will change in the coming chapters.