Security Interview

There Is also a drug test you have to be able to pass before you and be in the military. 4. What qualifications do you require of applicants? The requirement is if you want to be somebody and fight for the freedom of your country. Yes, having and education is good and not everyone is able to be in the military because of its aggressive and you have to have a strong mind and body. If you are a person that wants honor and willing to fight for your country to have that nor teen good calculation. Process? How extensive Is ten trailing pergola Depending what position you are entering is how long it will take you to achieve that AOL.

But boot camp is for 6 months of extensive and aggressive training, by the time and if you can finish training you will become a United States soldier and honor your country and your family for your achievement. 6. What type of training manual do you use? What is included in this manual? While you are in boot camp you will take course in how to fight and engage in battle. * Survival Manual * Field Manual * Defense Manual * Etiquette Manual * Equipment Manual * Gun Manual You have a United States uniform you wear proudly and when you are done you will ear your medals with honor for you, your family and your country.

All of the manuals will show you how to take care of yourself and your equipment that proper procedure on how to use every piece of equipment that is handed to you. 7. What are some of the things included in your policy and procedures manual? * 21 Gun Salute * Body Piercing * Code Conduct * Flag Ceremony-Precedence * Flag Ceremony-Retreat * Flag Ceremony-Reveille * Flag customs and rules * Flag Folding * Tattoos * Uniforms * Policy on Gays “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy * Regulation 8. How often is this manual updated? It seem to me is about every four years or so.

But being out here in the field there is always something new to learn that are not in manuals and later will be put in. 9. What kind of supervision or management do personnel receive? My top ranking Officer is that United States President, beside his I have to report back to my Commanding Officer (US Army Rank, 2010) 10. What kind of ongoing training or professional development do personnel receive? There is a constant training and development in the Army. There is always a new weapon or procedure or new ways finding terrorist and how to fight ND defend ourselves and our country. 11.

How many years can you stay in the military? Well some people make their life the military and other will leave after their time is up Ana Tanat can De 2-4 years. But Tort me I wall retire Ana Tanat Is rater 20 years AT service. I love being in the United States Army and if I should die while in duty I know that I have died in honor of my country. 12. How does your Family feel about you being in the Military? They are very proud of me in achieving my goal. My children see me as 6. 1. Joe that is the best feeling. I might feel sad because I don’t get to see y children often but I doing all this for them.

I’m giving them a safe life for their future and my children future. 13. Do you ever get scared being out there securing the perimeter. There is always a sense of being scared. I think no one can ever say they are not scared. This could be my last day on earth. The day I saw my children will be the last. I haven’t finished what I wanted in life. So yes, I’m scared. But I don’t think of it like that. I see all the good that come out of everything I do. Helping a country where there is no democracy. And I have been part of the change which sakes me happy. So the good over weighs the bad.

Part II: Interview Summary: Write a 350- to 500-word summary of your impressions. For the summary, consider the following questions: Did anything surprise you? What did you learn from the security manager that was not in your text? How important do you think policies and procedures are in security management? Why? I can say that everything can be a surprise when it comes to being in the military. The fear and the honor people can convey is overwhelming. You see a part of life that you only get to see on TV and then it doesn’t seem to important. When you talk to Military personnel is a different ball game.

The way he puts his life on the line for us every day of his life it become to be honorable. How he feel so deep about his country and how he keeps safety for his people and himself takes a lot of patient and wisdom. When you have 20 people depending on you to keep them safe from being blow up and the country from being invade that can have lots of pressure on you? But that is what he chose to do. I learn that honor can being great and learning to protect myself from invader I can read training manual to find new ways in protecting y home life and maybe my work place.

To me I believe that polices and procedure are important to military personnel and their families. What are not in the text books are how to kill someone and how to infiltrate and invade a town. Having security in the perimeter of where you are living there is a round o’clock security for military personnel. Also, I forgot to enmeshes they protect their medic center. I would have to say with him is because they have to make sure that the doctors and nurse are protected without them there troops may be in danger if one of the troop get shot or injured.

I can understand that what he does and what he is putting his life for the safety of us, we need to honor them every chance we get. He does that best security job ever. Secure our country from unwanted people. So if some policies are bit extreme like getting one or two tattoos Oh well. Go and protect me. Military personnel can only have five tattoos total and they can’t be seen. I feel safe knowing that I have a person like SST. Jean P. Lopez is protecting us and how he feel about his country I tip my hat to him. Reference us Army nntp://www. Army. Ml Ran Ks Trot