Scene Constructions on The Kite Runner

In the orphanage scene, medium shots are used as symbolic representations of child abuse. The boys’ facial expressions In some cases eyes looking down, Imply that the boys are performing out of necessity rather than choice. 2. Dialogue between the owner of the orphanage and Emir confirm that Taliban men abuse both genders. 3. Boys are abused for sexual gratification purposes. 4. Girls are abused sexually and physically through execution.

This idea is developed through dialogue between Emir and the orphanage owner and later through the stoning scene where Taliban men celebrate the punishment, through execution of a young girl. Props such as the pink shroud, stones and costumes worn my Taliban men manipulate the audience to reject Islamic fundamentalism. 5. The characters actions and reactions In the stoning scene Imply that stoning Is the most abusive form of abuse and punishment. The above scenes are constructed through long shots, medium shots, close-ups, illegal, costuming and symbolic representations.

Young boys dancing for Taliban men are representative of the pervasive nature of Taliban Ideology, perceived and/or presented by a western producer to entertain and Inform a western audience. Example Two Long shots of a soccer match highlight the repressive state of women in Taliban controlled societies. It is half time and the male characters are looking for bloodshed as a means of extra entertainment. Positioning of the character is symbolic as it suggests that Afghanistan has a efferent value system in terms of safety.

As the film unfolds [develops we learn that the character is a young girl. This is also symbolic as the producer creates the possible connotation that the life of a girl is less important. This symbolic representation of the female gender manipulates the audience’s response. We see the pink shroud and sympathies with the way the female gender is repressed by the flawed Taliban ideology. Our own belief system manipulates our response to reject Taliban oppression, ideologies, theological beliefs etc.

The girl’s stoning reinforces our rejection of repressive Taliban ideology. The audience is manipulated to believe that the Italian’s acts of violence are based on lies and deceit. The scene of the dancing boy is symbolic of extreme violation of human rights. The sling shot used to blind the Taliban representative holds many interpretations: It’s representative of childhood weaponry Its extremely dangerous It’s used as a characterization device. The slingshot empowers the boy to take control of the situation and disembowels the other.