Review: Training Day

The movie “training day’ was all about corruption in the narcotics division, the major characters are Jake Hoyt a previous security officer who Joins the L. A. P. D. Specifically In narcotics division, and Alonzo hair’s a veteran detective in that division. Alonzo Harris was supposed to train the rookie cop named Jake Hoyt, but instead of doing the right thing Alonzo exposed Jake Hoyt first to drugs, he forced Jake Hoyt to take Mexicans finest by pointing a gun to Jakes left temple and telling him “If don’t smoke oh don’t belong to the narcotics unit” he said.

So Jake ends up with no choice but to smoke the said thing. Second they pursued the disabled drug pusher and get some Information In him about who Is his source of that drug and they got a name “sandman”. And soon they will discover that sandman Is the friend of Alonzo who was to Jake earlier In the movie. So Alonzo buy some search warrant because once Alonzo said In the movie “there Is nothing free In this world analog, not even a warrant” so Alonzo gathered his team and Immediately went to sandman’s house.

They search for money there and they found Sandman’s money under the floor in the kitchen. And they killed sandman so no evidence will be seen, then finally Alonzo try to kill Jake when they went to the place of Mexicans and he leave Jake there in the house pay the Mexicans for his Sake’s head. But it didn’t happen Jake was able to survived because he save the cousin of the chicanes leader so they set him free . The whole story is the corruption of the police officer because of money and drugs.