Reasons to Love Being

I thought that it was a very unique article in that it has many different authors’ pieces and parts thrown together to make up a list of 50 reasons why it’s good to be 50. The list covers everything from spoiling grandkids to knowing who your friends are.

It mentions some very good points along the way, such as: your love growing deeper over time, o discovering who your true friends are, finally being able to hear yourself think, cherishing new opportunities, becoming more compassionate, getting better and crossword puzzles, sex gets better with age, etc. Being young, I have never really thought about some of the things mentioned in the article. But I have noticed that we do appreciate much more when we have reached an older age looking back. I can tell a huge difference between how much I appreciate some things now compared with five, even ten years ago.

At fifty, there is a lot of life experiences that you will have seen, yet there are many more that you have yet to experience, which has to be very exciting. There is a certain kind of freedom that comes with being over fifty. The fact that you’ve had plenty of embarrassing opportunities happen to you might play a role. You don’t care what other people think about you, you can sing at the top of your lungs in the car stopped and lights with the windows down, and still won’t care what people say.

After fifty you become a better Judge of character, your brain works more efficiently, you’re less neurotic than you used to be, and you don’t have to tolerate bad service. You begin to realize that trauma can lead to enlightenment, and that you grew up in an age before video games. Happiness no longer seems unobtainable, but instead lies In a mere cup of coffee. There are plenty of role models that are over fifty and loving life, so don’t get down when that time comes around for you, Instead embrace It.