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How should Kirby have attempted to gain acceptance of his plan for a new production schedule There are many Ideas to how Kirby could have tried to gain acceptance prior to the meeting. Kirby could have discussed his Ideas prior to the larger meeting and received Input as to how everyone thought this plan would play out. It Is obvious by the side conversations that were going on that no one Likes Kirby and are now afraid to speak up or gave up on speaking up because change does not append. After the meeting Kirby confrontation with Nancy was awful and he could have delivered his feelings differently to her.

I think that if Kirby would have told asked Nancy for her input on how she thought the plan should be scheduled than Nancy most likely would have changed a few things about the original plan and things would not have gotten out of control. Kirby, in my opinion, should take some leadership classes. How should Kirby have attempted to gain acceptance of his plan for a new production schedule Like I mentioned above, I don’t think a whole new reduction schedule would have been needed, but only a few adjustments to the existing one that Kirby created.

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A team is formed to help all part of the group and to hopefully help everyone grow in their own strength. A group is there to help where others are weak and to be helped by others with their strengths. Kirby should have been more open-minded and asked for opinions as opposed to being upset about being told it wasn’t great. How should Kirby handle his differences with Nancy With some of the other associates Kirby could have handled his differences with Nancy fervently, but he decided to let the situation get out of hand.

I agree with Kirby decision to go and discuss this issue with his direct boss. I do not agree with Nancy decision to discuss the issue amongst other co-workers. I feel that he should have handled the situation with Nancy completely different. If he felt that he was being disrespected he should have discussed that Issue with Nancy and his own boss. As a manager he should have better people skills and a better understanding of the Job and production schedule like the rest of his team.

Kirby told Nancy that he was not going to let her disrespect him or stop him from Improving the process. Others feel the same way as Nancy and that Is clear. I feel that the others should have spoken up and not have left Nancy do all the talking. What do you think George Masters will want to know about the situation What advice do you have for Kirby For Nancy For George I think that George will want to know exactly what happened to make Kirby so upset. I feel that he will also want to get Nancy side of the story as well as those in the meeting.

If George is like Kirby he may not ask those questions, but again, as a leader you would want to get the full story. I would advise Kirby to apologize to Nancy Ana to encourage Nils team to speak up Walt teen ay not agree with something or to come up with their own ideas to improve the process. As for Nancy, I would let her know that her input should continue and it takes a corsages individual to correct your boss in a meeting and that there is nothing wrong with it. She should continue to do it in a respectful manner especially if it puts the company in a better place.