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Support your view by referring to your TWO prescribed texts in detail. Edison uses many deferent characters, in particular the protagonist, Vivian Bearing, to conceptualize ideas of Done poems. This Is by drawing relations from Donna’s poetry and Viand’s life events such as through Job prospects as well as relational and death issues encountered. This is then use In order to trivialities the study of Done but drawing different meanings from the Minimal Intended notions. Done uses poems such as Death Be Not Proud, Hymen to my God, my God In my Sicknesses (Hymn to

God), The Valediction: Forbidding Mourning (The Valediction), If Poisonous Menelaus and My players Last Scene In order to portray his views upon the themes of death and relational values as well as the significance of religion. The manipulation of meaning In different contexts Is prominently showcased In W;t In various ways. Conveys the story of Vivian Bearing when she is confronted with the challenges of sickness and death. Viand’s reaction is highlighted as paradox when she does not find comfort or confidence in religion concepts of the afterlife and therefore feels fearful of her future.

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This is expressed additionally as a paradox through Viand’s direct quotation of ‘Death Be Not Proud’, which is used as a means to cope with death and distract Vivian from the reality of her adversity. This subsequently has shifted the original meaning of the poem. Additionally, Viand’s use of the poem as a distraction is ironic as she never really ‘lived’ or seized moments in her life as she devoted her life studying death. Done initially uses an arrogant and confident tone in order to refer to death as an apostrophe that is a “slave to Fate, Chance, Kings and desperate men”.

This imagery deflates deaths power give peace to Done from the fact he has received an internal mental victory on mortality. Death is also explored as being a pause in eternal life as “pipe, or charmer can make us sleep as well” which is also a common motif in W;t as Viand’s constant use of soporific is also closely related to her death. Other parallels include Done using wit within the poem in order to hide from truth whilst Vivian uses this same wit in order to hide from the fear she has in regards to death.

This as a result enhances the reader’s understanding of Donna’s poetry as they grasp understanding from deferent intents. However It Is clear that even though Ideas have been changed throughout time, W;t shows the role that religion and God still play even In the lives of unbelievers such as Villa when she uses repetitive expletives of “Oh God! ” In agony showing the natural nature to call to God amongst suffering even If used In vain. This Is Juxtaposed especially to Done who Is exceptionally religious. This however Is clear due to his religious context evident within the poem Hymn to God.

Here, Done describes himself being thrown down’ by God, which Is salary to Villa, and she faces the hardship of illness to the point of helplessness. This struggle is shown when she states Tanat “1 010 not Know tenet cool a De sun plan on tons earth” I Nils religious juxtapositions are also explored through the study of ‘If Poisonous Minerals’ where Done addresses the poem ‘To God’ whereas W;t exhibits use of God’s name in vain to portray fear felt through not only the protagonist Vivian but also Jason who both exclaim “Oh God! Furthermore, the connections between Hymn to God and W;t grow as Done begins to use the conceits of maps, seismographers and in a satire manner to exemplify his feeling towards his ‘Physicians [who have] grown by their love [for only examining is body]’ This is similar to W;it’s frantic scene of Viand’s death where Jason exclaims that “She’s (Vivian) is research”. Both protagonists show that human dignity is important and timeless as both have felt as though they have become objectified and lost a sense of poise.

Choice has been highlighted in W;t as scientific advancement has allowed Vivian to choose to an extent of how and when she would like to die. This is evident in the scene where Susie asks Vivian whether she would like to be “no code or code”. However this choice is restricted, as all must reach death inevitably. Nevertheless his choice is in contrast to Done, who is shown in Hymn to God to be ill as well as not having this privilege.

Additionally with the notion of death comes the idea of redemption. Both W;t and Done showcase the hope to be redeemed after death. However Edison contrasts to Done in order to demonstrate how the 21st century has become focused on earthly achievements as opposed to the afterlife that concerns those who are religious like Done. This is established through the different final redemption of each protagonist.

Vivian is found to have redemption when she finds contentment through elf-reflection of her past and her new found friendship with Susie. The excerpt of “Thus I leave the world, the flesh and the devil” from My Players Last Scene can be linked to Vivian as she is now prepared to leave the world. Conversely, Done is found to have redemption religious means where he described in Hymn to God to have ‘Joy due to gratification within his faith in the death and resurrection of Christ.

This is also shown by Donna’s use of biblical allusions such as “the last of Dam’s blood my souls embrace” in Hymn to God. In order to explain the hope and desire he has to be saved by God. Characters such as Jason show how religious views can be trivialize as he lacks an appreciation for religious appreciation as he discusses about “salvation’s anxiety’. Again, the change of contexts leading to Viand’s individualistic view upon life has brought Vivian to describe herself as though she is “learning to suffer”.

This is as opposed to Done who looks to God amidst his suffering whilst Vivian chooses to dwell in her misadventure in order to receive empathy from the viewer. Death has been commonly looked down upon in a condensing tone in both W;t and Donna’s ‘Death Be Not Proud’ heightening the ideas of death with uses of commas in order to Locus tenant as an snort pause Deter eternal Tie. Villa does tons scholarly by the use of the word ‘soporific’ repeatedly within W;t as she becomes closer to death.

She however does not have the same confidence found in Death Be Not Proud and rather expresses that she is ‘scared’, exhibiting the fear and helplessness she has manifested. Relationships have also shown to be timeless as the poem; The Valediction enriches the importance of an intimate relationship, which regretfully cannot be found in the majority of Viand’s life. In this poem, Done conveys of the “refined love” he has for is lover which Vivian neglects as she spends her life career focused to academically distance herself from others.

The irony of this is found when medical Jargon is spoken to her with ignorance and exclusion from the doctors of her lack of understanding. It is clear that different concepts found in Donna’s poetry are both enhance or trivialities by Edison within W;t. This is through the use of different characters to portray the change of views due to a different context. This is through the exploration of religious importance, death, human dignity, the heightened view of fulfillment of one’s life and the importance of relationships.