Prep schools

Prep school or preparation schools. Is a school for young kids, down to the age of 7-8 years. It is a school where you send your kids, so they get smarter or learn to be independent. There are typical some strict rules about seeing their parents. It is often 3 weeks or longer. It is a private owned school where the students also live, but I some cases there are also day students. Private schools are in many occasions, for the rich. Because of the low teaching level in state schools, parents send their kids away to get a higher education level.

It also gives the children an opportunity to get in at a better middle school and so on. It gives a chance to get a scholarship for example, for oxford. However, even though it sounds like a big opportunity for your child, there are some backsides. – Removal off child in an early age – Disciplined behavior – Higher education level The positives Of course, the intention of boarding schools is to educate and prepare the young children to the higher education schools. That is why it is so popular. The private schools have the opportunity to hire better teachers than the state schools, and Hereford offer a better education level.

Not only is the education level much higher, also, the child get more “mature”. In that matter, that the child gets independent. They have to act by themselves, there is no mom cleaning their room anymore, which helps them get more mature. Which is one of the intangible reasons for sending your child away. In addition, they learn a new form for discipline, they have to wear their school uniform every day, clean their room and follow new rules they did not have at home. Children who wants to learn in public state schools are frequently more often Ewing bullied and become a social outcast, because of their will to learn.

In these expensive private schools, every child want to be the best. Therefore, there are no bullies, because of the lack of “stupid kids”. When I mention stupid kids, I mean that there are no certain chance of kids who do not want to learn in these schools. These schools are only for the kids who wants to be the best, and they sure have the chance to envelop their knowledge. Boarding schools have stability and protection in an environment that replicates the warmth of a happy and loving family are factors that arenas naturally place right at the top of their priorities when choosing a boarding school.

The class sizes, single sex or co-education, the academic profile of the school and other strengths such as music or sport. Negatives. 449008511430First of all, it is very hurtful for a child in that age, too get placed in A boarding school. The child often comes from a loving family with a 316611087630Close relationship with their mom like April Ross. It can be devastating losing the stability and mother love in this Early age. Many experts and psychiatrists eve proved, that it are not Healthy. The old boarders can prove these results, that also Tells their story and about how terrible it was being alone.

Telling us That they felt left alone by their parents, fearing that they did not love Them. They need acceptance. “There’s no magic cure for homesickness. There is no medicine we can give them. They Just have to learn to cope with it”- Teacher, High field Boarding school. What she is saying, is Just like telling the kids “bad luck, you are stuck here”. It is not the quote the parents want to hear, but it is true. 5377104511040A tearful April Ross tells her mother, ‘l miss you so much. I love school but hate boarding. She wants to make her mom proud, and show that she is strong. She is a young student in her first year of boarding school. OOH tearful April Ross tells her mother, ‘l miss you so much. I love school but hate boarding. L She wants to make her mom proud, and show that she is strong. She is a young student in her first year of boarding school. When children are left at the boarding school, one of the first emotions, they start to feel is the feeling of loss and abandonment. They remain nostalgic for a long period, feeling lonely and uncared for.

With their overworking delicate psychology, They convince themselves that they are being forsaken because their parents do not want them. This feeling of deservedness and lonesomeness stays for the rest of the life. This is the reason why these individuals face a hard time forming healthy relationships since they think that they are not worthy of it. This psychological trauma can have a long-term effect on a person’s life Some of the children have a hard time adjusting themselves into the new school, nice they are always missing their home.

Therefore, when they grow up, they find it hard to adjust with the home life. Because they have learned this independent lifestyle. Therefore, they have a problem, needing the old independent lifestyle. Creating a difficult problem too understand where he or she belongs. Since the child have been away for quite a while, the relationship between the parents is has also been afflicted. The child have learned to be more self-reliant and independent, and their parents being more redundant. Conclusion Boarding schools are not healthy for children in the young age.