Placement log

My first day of placement was something of a disaster; nothing went right on the first day and It made me go Into a negative state of mind which meant that everything that day TLD go right and I didn’t feel that I enjoyed It. First of all I was an hour late for placement as I was unable to find It; this made me feel negative about the placement and meant that I was not going to enjoy the placement. Once I had arrived at placement, the staff didn’t even know I was coming and I had no induction, health ND safety regulation check or anything which was making me think they were a bit unrecognized.

Once I had gotten to know the children, there was one child that had threatened me because I didn’t buy an ice cream… The staff had witnessed this incident but had Just laughed it off which again, put me in a negative state of mind which made me feel annoyed because they weren’t willing to do anything after I had been threatened, afterwards I Just brushed it off and forgot about it but I was still in a bit of do’s-belief that a child would actually do something like that.

When we walked to the park, the children had a buddy system In which they held hands with each other, some of the children held hands with staff but there were too many children and not enough staff so I felt that this was unsafe for the children and that something needed to be done about It. I don’t feel that I could approach the manager because it would feel awkward and feel like I am telling them how to do their job. But I could ask questions. The threat wasn’t a realistic threat but it still moved me that she did threaten me.

I would have liked the staff to have told her not do to that and that it wasn’t very nice. The positive things about the day were that the children played nicely together at times. This made me feel a little bit better about the placement and made me have a positive view on it. Throughout the day it did get better and things started to go well and I did start to have a positive impact on the placement. I did still think about everything that had happened in the morning and the negative things that had happened.

I hoped that the days get better throughout he weeks and that there are more positive things but the first day of placement didn’t go well and I did start to think I’m not going to Like the placement but It all Just depends on whether things get better. At the end of the day I felt a bit better about everything that had happened and I reflected on the day as starting off bad but ending better, it wasn’t an amazing day but it did get better as I got to know the children. All in all I think the first day went okay, it wasn’t the best day Vive ever had in a placement setting.