Non-Educative Literature

Educative here I refer to literary works that has value meaning to be learnt by the reader in a positive way, which could lead the reader to take the benefits of reading, such as, expanding their knowledge In many aspects; language, culture, vocabularies, etc, build up their critical thinking so that the readers are being able to analyze or widen their way of thinking, and applying things Inspired by reading Itself, but again, In the so-called positive one. On the one hand, non-educative Is somewhat the contradiction of educative.

It remains having the same benefits but Its Impacts Is different, tend to be In the negative way If I could say. While reading novel ,We definitely have our own conclusion or perspective about Its contents. This I regard as the function of literary : It has something left Inside our mind, such as feeling, memories, experience, or even messages. One of essential function is messages, a moral message. This, I notice the educative or norm-educative is placed, the moral messages.

It could bring us taking feedbacks or drawbacks instead from literary text. Focusing on non-educative literary, I myself conclude that it might be related with its contents and messages; how it influences us, as the reader, to have such a bad judgment on the works or even causes bad effects in the life of the reader due to applying what he/she read. How far we define certain works as non-educative is relatives. Because one view from one person will be different with other person view.