Monte Cristo

That letter, which could have ruined me, may make my fortune instead” (25). This quote shows that Fortifier used Monte Crisis for his benefit. By doing this, Fortifier takes Monte Crisis’s fourteen years of freedom, his family, and his Job. Once the pawns are set, Monte Crisis’s revenge takes place. Through Monte Crisis’s scheming, Fortifier finds out that Benefited, his first son, Is not dead he then goes home and discovers his wife, who has been killing off the family, has not only killed herself but his son. Because of this Violent starts to go mad.

Violent has lost his family and breaks down by realizing most of his family is dead. “My family… Gone… “. His sanity starts to disappear when he is searching for his son who he just found out is alive. “he is in the garden… Searching”(403), in comparison to Monte Crisis’s losing, fourteen years of freedom, his family, and his lob. Monte Crisis is in the cell with Farina and breaks down. “live lost Once Monte Crisis arrives, he starts doubting the revenge done upon Violent. “God grant that I heaven done too much already’ (404).

This quote proves that Monte Crisis doubts his revenge was an eye for and eye. He sees that Violent is losing his sanity and belts out showing emotion, which doesn’t occur often out of Edmond. ” Oh, he’s gone mad” (404)! Throughout the entirety of the book, Monte Crisis shows very few emotions and acts in a professional manner. To see Monte Crisis act in an emotional manner towards Welfare was unusual because it confirms that Monte Crisis see’s that Violator’s punishment went too far. Monte Crisis’s actions clearly goes beyond the crimes of Welfare.