Microcomputer Applications

There is great assortment of packaged software to help you with a variety of tasks – writing papers preparing budgets, drawing graphs, playing games and more the wonderful array of software available is what makes computer so useful The collective set of business tasks Is limited, and the number of general paths toward performing these tasks is limited too. Thus, the tasks and the software solutions fall, for the most part, Into Just s few categories that can be found In most equines environments these major categories are word processing (Including desktop publishing) spreadsheet, Database management. Rapids and communications. Word processing software lets you create edit format, store and print text, it is the three words in the middle – edit format and store that make word processing different format and store that make word processing different form plain typing in the task called desktop publishing users employ software and a high quality to produce printed material that combine graphics with text

A spreadsheet Is a worksheet, divided Into columns and rows, used to organize and analyzed business data an electronic analyzed business data an electronic spreadsheet is still a spreadsheet but the computer does mush of the work in particular, spreadsheet software automatically recalculations is changed .

Software used for database management a variation of the old fashioned accord keeping, is the management of a collection of interrelated facts the software can store data, update it, manipulate it and create reports in a variety of forms database footwear can be useful to keep track of an extract subsets from large amount of data Maps, charts and other graphics help people compare data spot trends easily and make decisions quickly SIX pages of numbers confusions can be made Into a single that anyone can pick up and understand.