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The Amalgamates Sad. Bad. Is one of the large plantations In Malaysia, which contained 25,500 acres of estate and having 2500 estate and factory employees and managers. Mr.. Look Kim Sun is the manager of the estate and he has 26 years working experience in the estate who started work from lower management as a junior planter to become an Estate Manager. He is a very domineering kind of individual and so afraid to make a mistake. His past working experience has stimulated him with a one-man approach and the company headquarters in Koala Lump are accepted and satisfied with his flat organizational structure and management.

Mr.. Henry Davidson Is the Estate Agent and member of the Senior Management Committee in Koala Lump. He described to be a very autocratic military attitude because of the previous experience as a major in British Army. He visited Look;s estate often and Mr.. Look has to report the progress and present every detail of the estate to him. Due to the organizational structure conducted by Mr.. Look, there are 1 9 employees will directly report to him. There are about two to four conductors and up to 250 Barbour forces under field assistant which depending on the type of crop.

Instead of the Field Assistant, there also have Factory Manager, Factory Engineer, Nurse Assistant, Hospital Assistant, Agricultural Research Superintendent, Senior Security Officer, Office Assistant and Transport Manager. According to the case study, Mr.. Look has involved himself in many different tasks such as annual estimation, monthly returns planning, identifying problems from two trade unions and others. However, he still has to deal with outsiders like local labor officer, Area Security Officer, CODE. Health authorities and others officials.

Moreover, he even has to handle some administrative works by himself. Since everyday he has to face many tasks and unable to make decision immediately, problems appeared and the problems cannot solve on time. Therefore, he finds it is difficult to meet all the demands upon him from the estate and head office. 2. PROBLEM STATEMENT 2. 1 . Mr.. Look Kim Sun Attitude towards work Mr.. Look confidence gain from his 26 years of experience In various levels of works in organization strongly encouraged him in practicing the one man approach and became too obsessive towards his work.

Problems occurred when too many susceptibilities incurred including the administrative work in order to avoid risk in mistakes. This poses his lack of confidence and trust towards subordinates. 2. 2. Mr.. Henry Davidson Attitude Mr.. Henry Davidson consolable as an autocratic leader towards Nils employees. H experiences as a former successful planter and was once a major in British Army has increased his confidences level in making decisions. The high commitment expected from Mr.. Davidson towards Mr..

Look in reporting details information of various aspects and progress in organization affects his Job performances. 2. 3. Organizational structure Mr.. Look is proud and comfortable with his flat organizational structure which directs him to in charge of various specific departments in the organization. Delegations of work are not functional properly and this has caused him with much dysfunctional management between his personal time and formal work. The norms in the organizations are all personnel from each level and department as mention are reporting directly to Mr.. Look.

Problems occur when he is not able to cope and has delayed them which effect the forward planning of the organization main production process. 2. 4. Professionalism The staffs is considered lack of self-decision making ability when they have to deal with the procedure and referring to Mr.. Look himself on any task completion or difficulties. This generates delayed on any matters including solving urgent problems. Staffs level of knowledge and education can be considered as problems where the capabilities and Jobs requirements are not match for the challenge in every level in completing task given. . ALTERNATIVE STRATEGIES 3. 1 . Works delegations Mr.. Look could implement work delegations and starts share workloads to make sure employee has an equal amount of work. The perceived fairness in spreading out work will gain respect and trust among subordinates. Works delegations contributes to efficiency, flexibility, build contacts to lead a greater teamwork and communication networking. Mr.. Look need to admit that he is not doing his Job well and need to learn that it’s always better to under promise and over deliver than the other way around.

He needs to develop strategic planning to organize all resources including employee in terms of skills with works responsibility, time to accomplish task, decision making process and communication cycle within subordinates. From this, he should start creating brainstorming environment to burst all qualified possibilities in facing any Telescopes Walton employee. Delegating responsibility noels In enhancing credulity as a leader, increase productivity, improve reputation as an employer and ensure continuity through smoother succession planning. . 2. Time Management Mr.. Look should harvest the advantages of time management by efficiently entails planning activities and tasks as specifically as possible, organizing tasks with additional dimensions of taking into consideration of his own personal traits and the tauter of the tasks at hand in order to maximize the usage of time. For example, Mr.. Look as an experienced manager, he should be aware of the responsibilities towards Senior Management Committee, Mr.. Davidson and employees in the organization. The schedule of Mr..

Davidson coming is quarterly in a year, and he should be planning and arranging activities based on schedules and timeline given. He has to spare ample time to any possibilities and should be able to control the implementation of the plan by providing a backup plan in each of the difficulties or challenges. Time management may be aided by a range of skills, tools, and quenches used to manage time when accomplishing specific tasks, projects and goals complying with a due date. Mr.. Look can use some technology, such as monitoring software to keep in touch so that all workers will do their part in time as well. . 3. Create similar position Mr.. Davidson should hire another similar position of Mr.. Look Job description on the same level in different types of responsibility and skills required. Flat organizational offer more opportunities for employees to excel while promoting the larger business vision, the organization should create a new position with a same bevel and responsibility with Mr.. Look by promoting staff or employ new qualified manager to handled different types of responsibility. This will increase available time for more strategic thinking and development opportunities for the organization, Mr..

Look reputation will improve as being a trusting manager, increase motivation and Job satisfaction. 3. 4. Training and Development Programmers The organizations could implement training and development to improve workers performance, maintain consistency in duty performance, ensuring work satisfaction, increase productivity and most importantly is to reduce supervision. Mr.. Look flat structuring indeed creates a lot of delayed in decision making that contributes to increasing costs, employee supervision, wastage, lack of professionalism in employee performance and most importantly workloads.

An effective training programmer makes employees work in an effective manner, lessen mistakes in implementing tasks, reducing cost and save a lot of wastage from unqualified workers performance, reduced turnover and gain knowledge and insight into the working of the company and better labor management relations. 4. 1 . Works delegations I. Advantages 0 Reduced workloads Employ strategy of work delegation helps in reducing Mr.. Ask workloads drastically and at the mean time help in enhancing credibility as a leader by allowing the employee new ways to show their responsibility to gain respect and loyalty. Effective decision making Delegations ensure an effective and efficiency in better decision making process. Subordinates get the authority to decide on the matters of their own area by remaining within the limitations. The decision making is also better because subordinates are closer to the reality of situation. 0 Benefit of specialization The organization delegates authority as well as responsibility to subordinates on the basis of their ability, skills and knowledge. This contributes in the development of the concept of specialization among the subordinates. Lie. Disadvantages 0 Quality Control Mr..

Look considered as passionate kind of individual for quality control may feel that he can perform the task better than subordinates, and by delegation will sacrifice quality for the sake of efficiency. Mr.. Look can help counter the effects of delegation on quality by retaining quality-control functions and approving employee work, but ongoing so can take up time and offset the benefits of delegating the task. 0 Time consume The organization may find that delegation requires a considerable amount of time. In this case, Mr.. Look has to train staff to handle delegated tasks depending on the task requirements.

The training may take from a few minutes to several weeks. 0 Communication Work delegations must explain the requirements and other key information to the appropriate employees. Miscommunication can result in poor quality and missed objectives, Mr.. Look must make great efforts to properly communicate expectations. In edition, he must make themselves available to listen to employee concerns regarding the delegated tasks and to answer questions as they arise. 4. 2. Time Management 0 Job complete effectively on time. I en organization can Implement castles Dates on telling Ana completes In budgeted time limit.

This contributes too many aspects such as cost controlling and wastage, man power and also employee and organization productivity. 0 Mr.. Look can have adequate rest while finishing all the Jobs. Mr.. Look was not only involved in the organization but also actively participate with outside organizations that nutrient to in-adequate of resting time. Time management helps Mr.. Look in reduces stress level. It. Disadvantages 0 Time consumed to resolve problem Although the best strategy is to prevent problems or any difficulties but there is some types of challenges that cannot be avoided and can only be resolved.

Problem can’t be solved thoroughly as only partial time is spent on each issue. Disadvantages in the use of time in solving the problem can be categories to the costs to be borne by organization. 4. 3. Similar Job position 0 Sharing responsibilities Jobs can be divided into two main categories with two different managers and reduce bob responsibility, lessen risk on specifically one manager, reduce stress, increase employee value and increasing productivity to achieve organization objectives. Benefits on specifications Equal supervisions can be applied on each department and with the perceived fairness in dividing amount of work to each department gain trust and knowledge between two specific area, enhance employee capabilities and increase quality in productivity. 0 Grouping of staff exist. The potential risk of generation of culture develops in a positive team spirits or grouping of staff exist due to different task. However it can be resolve through reading positives environment in staff activities and generates culture to cultivate positive forces in the organization. Decision Making Conflicts will occur between these two managers when it comes to company’s decision making. This due to the same amount of authority given to the same position level could create conflict easily in making final decision. However the benefits are from analytical results obtained from discussion and brainstorming. 4. 4. Training and development Advantages 0 Increasing staff value Mr.. Lows attitude can be changed to be a more open minded and flexible person in arms of trusting his staff working abilities. Psychology impact Negative impact might happen on Look due to his egoism if he is urged to change his attitude. 0 Job performance Take extra time to attend training courses which might affect the work quality. 5. THE BEST STRATEGY AND JUSTIFICATION The best strategy chooses is creating a similar position of Mr.. Look Job descriptions in the organization which is the new Estate Manager. The illustration of the new level of organization chart will be as followed: Mr.. Davidson should employ strategy in creating new positions of Estate Manager in name level and different scope of responsibility.

This can be implementing through re-structuring the organization chart after gathering information of several areas to consider such organization’s overall strengths and weaknesses, company value on types of culture to cultivate, visions and missions, acknowledging major process to know what the most critical process, level of effectiveness of the process and setting standard to be offer. The needs of this alternative will enhance the positive effects that benefits the organizations In terms AT snarling workload to reduce response I t

D II less ensure ten smoothness of the organizational operation, prevent delay works or Jobs since task has been delegate wisely. Mr.. Look and new estate manager may focus on specified area and work based on the responsibilities that been delegate among the two of them. Mutual cooperation can get accomplished at a faster pace, the exposure to different level of subordinates helps to grasp the new concepts quickly at the mean tie to avoid mistakes and proves to be a bonus for the overall image of organization.

On the other hand, the most prominent positive consequences is that Mr.. Look will eave his own weekends whereby he and the new Estate Managers could work on the schedule of doing the routine personal checking on every area at the estate. Continuous interaction and working as a team between managers, helps in building mutual association or bond and unity among the employees. The effects of mutual associations make the work easier and goals more attainable. Mr..

Look can also transfer a part the workloads on submitting the annual estimates, monthly returns and so on to his new working partner in order to achieve the efficiency of working quality that should drive the organization performance. The best advantages implementing works delegations and working as a team is that the burden of responsibility is borne among managers with subordinates and it does not fall on the shoulders of Just one person. With this approach it may lead to a proper forward planning whereby the similar authority that these two (2) managers have will grab especially Mr..

Look attention in listening to others opinion which obviously he will because of the authority to voice out in the lateral position and this would automatically develop a new positive attitude of Mr.. Look on his personally resolving al differences of opinion. 6. IMPLEMENTATION Short term implementation 6. 1. 6. 1. 1 . Personal Development Training Proper Personal development training will need to be provided to the estate staffs frequently. This type of training will sharpen their ability to understand their role in the organization and to fulfill their Job description task in optimum level.

Apart from this the training will also help to enhance the workers responsibility towards work and to create a culture to trust and assign Job functionality needs to others according to their authority level. 6. 1. 2. Staff Recruiting / Eliminating Recruiting / eliminating staffs will be an option for the company to move forwards rather than depending in one man show. Those staffs that are not performing up the level required by the company should be eliminated from work.

Apart from this, new recruitment’s Tort Tress or experienced personal snouts De welcomed on Dora. I Nils will ensure new ideas and new methodology on Job can be injected rather than complacent with “comfort zone” which the staffs are enjoying presently. 6. 1. 3. Mr.. Look Resignation Mr.. Look should tender his resignation from his present Job by reasoning of this manhandling environment. This might give him space from the workload he is carrying. It would also be an eye opener for Mr..