Lost Child

Sunday afternoon and me and my family were on a vacation. We were on our way to the beach. The sun was shining and I who never wears sunglasses, what I regret now, could not see anything in front of my nose. Predictably, I got lost in the crowd on our way there. I followed a man who looked Just like my dad. Now I don’t understand how in this world can exist so many people looking that similar. He even wore the same clothes as my dad.

While I walked behind him I saw an cream stand. I pooled the man by his shirt and said: ћDaddy, can I have some circler. Pretty please. ” with a sparkly look in my eyes. The man, who I was convinced was my dad, turned to me and said: ћ Are you talking to me? I’m not your daddy. You must be lost. ” He patted my shoulder and walked away. And there was I standing confused, all alone next to hundreds of people passing by.

My sight was getting blurry as my tears were starting to collect in my eyes. I sat on a bench and creed. Nobody cared, nobody turned to help. People can be so careless sometimes. Suddenly I heard my brother shout: ћThere she is. I see her. I knew I will find her close to cream. ” Even do he mocked me again I was so happy to see him. I ran towards him and hugged him like I haven’t seen him for a whole year.