Use the data entry keys to directly enter all flashing Press dimensions. Confirm entered value by pressing e. Values may be displayed when the symbol appears on the display. Corrected using c u. The transducer position selection screen with a blinking ‘bolt dot’ in all four 450 positions appears. To select the angle where the shaft will be questioned ( this could be at 450, 1350, 2250 or 31 50 ). Rotate shaft to this position with the aid of an external inclinometer. Press e. The move selection view appears. I or r to select direction of move (H ? [horizontal] or V? [vertical]). Confirm selection by pressing e. Adjust beam to if necessary. When Enter appears on the display, press e. O toggle through the vertical and Dimensions to be entered include: 0 Transducer (laser) to reflector (prism) Gap is positive when open at the top or side away from viewer. 0 Transducer (laser) to center of coupling or further from the viewer than the machine on the left side. The forward or rear machine feet can be selected using I or Offset is positive when the machine on the right hand side is higher 0 Coupling diameter (default is 100 mm / 10″) Move the machine into alignment following the arrow. 0 RPM [ optional feature ] 0 Transducer (laser) to front foot (right machine) Feet results are displayed by pressing 0 Front foot to back foot (right machine) until the symbol Soft foot Press s to check soft foot.

Position the shafts such that the transducer is at either the 3:00 2. Measure o’clock or 9:00 o’clock position. Note: The default mode is the static measurement mode. Press I or r to select foot to be checked, and then press O measurement. Loosen the foot bolt. The calculated The continuous sweep and multiplying measurement modes are distance that the foot has risen is shown. Optional features. Press m, and center the laser beam using the reflector thumbwheel and the yellow knob until the coordinates are close to 0,0. ‘0369’ appears on the screen. Rotate shaft to any 450 clock position. Enter the shaft clock position to take measurement – e. G. 1. 30 for 450.

Press e or I or r to cycle through the vertical shimming and the horizontal move corrections. The arrows indicate the direction of move or shimming. Correction is applied to blinking feet. The alignment tolerance status can be displayed using the optional tolerances feature (AIL 11. 712). 0 A steady smiley indicates values are within excellent tolerances 0 A flashing smiley indicates values are in acceptable 0 No smiley indicates values are out of tolerance Readings from any 3 of the 8 available positions (in any order) are required for results. E to record the value, and then retirement the bolt.