Holding things together

Holding Things Together When Lucy was home, Alfred had already mowed the grass for Lucy, which is the first time he helped on house work. Wendy Wang/Block 4 They have visited Lully’s parents, but Lucy felt orphaned, because they don’t Like Lucas marriage. When Lucy checked on the foot guard, It was broken, which It Is the reason why they started on an argument. Joel complains about his wife who resembles Alfred to Lucy, which they both can understand each other.

Lucy had taken her car to the Exxon station 4 times, which is when they meet Joel. When Lucy goes to Exxon and sees Joel unlike the person that she has seen before, and realized that he is just a crabby guy filling her gas tank, and she is just a woman getting gas. Lucy becomes really obsessed with her car and always argues about the old car. Lucy started to pick on him and hoping him to be more like his father or like the local mechanic, Joel.

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I think this story is trying to tell us that try to look depth into persons’ personal behavior rather than their appearance. Just like “Don’t Judge the book by its cover. ” Setting: In a small town of USA, during the past 60th to 70th century. They got married, and Lucy is working in library, but she had found out that she has to do all the house works, which Alfred only watch her do It, because he does not know how to help. 23 years old teacher Lucy had fall In love with a 38 years old principal, Alfred.