Groundless Belief

When I was a kid up until now, the words “l love you” Is dally sentence that my mom says to my dad. The same sentence Is what my dad always tell me and my brother. Movies and books that filled my childhood talked about love all the time. That magic sentence forms a thought In my mind, that being In a relationship – whatever role that you are taking- only requires one thing called love. I used to believe that when you love someone things will fall in places perfectly. But it doesn’t.

As I grow up I learn to see relationship in a different way. I learn how to build a healthy relationship with people that I love. I have been in a romantic relationship and experienced what people called love. I also have a strong bond of friendship with my best friends. My family and I are closer than wave ever been. That happens because we love each other. I can’t deny the magic of love. The power that love will do to unite people. But trust also has its own magic. As well as understanding and toleration.

Do not forget forgiveness. It takes an important part In a relationship. Then It dawned me that love Is not enough. I can hear people talking about how they love each other all the time. But I rarely see my parents talk about how they trust each other. I see how easily people say that they are In love. On the other side, I can count how many times I heard people deeply understand each other. Small things can break a relationship, but the word forgiveness seems like the hardest word to be said.

The thoughts that love will fix everything gradually disappear. It replaced with a new understanding. I came to understand that “l trust you” is another spice that will spice up the relationship. Not only that. To be honest in a relationship is the bandage that will fix your relationship, instead of only depending on love. I have a new firm belief about relationship and I know its true. That to be in a relationship, love needs other ingredients to balance It.