Globalisation argument

Globalization is the main reason that we are all linked to the rest of the world. To argue for or against It, we first have to take the definition of globalization. It means the way Jobs; fashion, services, goods and Information are flowing more easily around the globe. In my personal opinion, I am against globalization. Globalization has many drawbacks, which can be organized Into economic, social and environmental fields. The main sources of globalization are TAN’S.

These are known as Trans National companies, which earn colossal profits every year. They are the ones who drive globalization on the first place. However, there power is massive. Tan’s in today’s world are more powerful than some governments of certain countries. They Just walk into a country which they desire, do whatever they want, earn profits, exploit labor and if they find a better deal with lower wages somewhere else, they Just move out. No one has control over them! Also under the economic field, these Tan’s are very selfish, as they send all the profits they earn, back to their headquarters at home.

Therefore, they do not help the countries where they have set up branches. This effects the local economy In a big way. In order to Improve this, Lead’s need their own local Industries, but they cannot set them up because of all the competition from Tan’s. This shows that economically, the governments and LED citizens are affected by globalization. Socially, there are many drawbacks which globalization could inflict upon countries and people. Firstly, when Tan’s move to Lead’s with lower wages, they exploit the country labor and workforce.

They force people to work very long hours a day, with little or no pay. Do you think it is fair? No one has the right to force the countries citizens to work under such conditions. Most of these sweatshops are filled with very poor people, who have no choice, but to be happy with their Jobs, even if it means sewing or sticking soles on trainers! Whether they like it or not, they have to work, if they want to keep their Job. These Jobs hardly help them in their future. Beyond reasonable doubt this is totally unfair.

Secondly, many factory workers In Medic’s have also been left unemployed because many Tan’s In Medic’s try to compete with each other for profits. They try to sell their goods as cheaply as possible to encourage more people to buy these goods. They follow the marketing ix and try to get people to purchase their goods, at the cheapest price possible. However, if these companies get their clothes made by factories in the ASK, it will mean high labor costs, and therefore, high selling prices, which will affect their yearly profit.

Therefore, they move to country with lower wages. However, what about the employers in the UK factories? Won’t they get affected? Tan’s don’t care about this drawback, but just continue ruthlessly. Therefore, the factory workers are left sadly unemployed. This is totally unfair. They then don’t have a source of income, so how they are going to afford money for their families? They are indirectly affected by globalization. Culturally, globalization affects a country’s local tradition and culture.

When foreign goods are imported Into country It means foreign Influence Is spread throughout the country. Therefore, the younger generation will quickly pick up the foreign traditions rather than their local ones. This is a total cultural block to our country, but does that mean our citizens are to be affected? It is without doubt that it can be stated that it harms a part of our lifestyle. Environmentally, many Lead’s have poor, or no laws against harming the environment. Therefore, Tan’s go to Lead’s and absolutely ruin the place.

They pollute the air and water with toxic chemicals, and harm wildlife and even humans. They won’t get away with this at home! Looking at the overall picture, you also may argue that globalization is the main reason we are aware of the world around us, and the events taking place in the world, but do you think it is fair exploiting the citizens of it? Think twice! Globalization has become today’s fastest way of spreading information and fashion, but it is also the most unfair. Therefore, it is without doubt that Globalization is a harmful and deadly element in our daily life!