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“It’s like I’m thirteen again and he’s my crush. All I’m aware of in this entire roomful of people is him. Where he is, what he is doing, who is he talking to. ” A line from the on someone. Age doesn’t count because having a crush is Just like dolling his/her personality. For me, crush means adoring one person with his/her deeds and attitudes, the way he/she dress, the way he/she looks at you, the way he/she smiles and lots of ways he/she can make you go crazy. For my age, having a crush is Just normal. My crush isn’t that handsome, but I know he has a lot of sense of humor.

When I see him, he makes my face as red as a very ripe tomato. When I smell him, he smells like a chocolate, but sometimes, he smells like a baby. When our skin touched, surely he’ll make me go Jump or bounce at any moment like I’m in a trampoline. When I hear his voice, my ears flew high up in the sky and keeps on aiming to reach that heavenly voice. His personality is as sweet as flavor and rainbow-colored candies if you could Just taste it. He is no other than my crush, the one who serves as one of my inspirations in my everyday tasks. I asked my friend what if one day, her crush stared at her and smile.

She said, she’ll be very shy and likens her face to a very ripe tomato. Funny how she sees herself, but I imagined what if I was on her shoe, what will I do? What if the first thing he does is waved at you? It’ll surely make me go extremely wild inside. I remember the time he waved at me; it feels like the whole place stopped for a moment for him and for me. Yes, it’s over-reacting, but that’s how I felt on that day. When he smiles at me, it really makes my whole day. Though I didn’t have done anything productive, seeing him smiling at me is so much productive. Just one smile can make your day positive and no worries.

What I think is not really great but girls are too prudent and wise. We are too fussy that we want to know all of the things that are connected to us. But girls will always be girls and girls aren’t numb to not realize what was happening around them, girls can always feel boys who are into them. Girls will surely knew it when someone has a crush on them. When he smells like a chocolate or like a baby, is a big turn on to all the girls. Girls are getting in love with boys who smell so good. When my crush passed by in front of me, it feels like I want to walk around towards him Just to smell him.

Sometimes, when I’m not with him or when I’m in a public place, and I smell a perfume similar to him, he always pops into my mind. Seriously, he can turn on my mood without even knowing by him. When I smell him, it feels like I’m in heaven because he smells so good and lovely like angels are floating all over him spraying him perfume. When our skin touches, it surely makes me go crazy, different and wild. When he touches me, it feels like the world is revolving so slow around us. When I felt his touch on my skin, even though it unintentionally, this makes me feel wonderful and happy.

Even when I see his handsome and good looking face, I wanted to touch it and feel the softness of his cheeks, a cheek that is soft as a pillow. When I hear his voice, my ear flew high up in the sky and keeps on reaching his heavenly voice. He’s not kind off good singer, but when he sings, he put all of his efforts Just to make you smile. When he talks to me, his voice keeps on repeating humor is the reason why he laughs. Accidentally he laughs on my not-so-good Jokes but it was really fun sitting beside him and talks about random stuff. His personality is as sweet as flavor, rainbow-colored candies.

He’s so generous and thoughtful. He’s such a God-fearing person but he’s still awesome in such many ways. Though others might think that he’s such a badness on the way he talks and on what he looks like, all they thought about him is dissimilar on his real attitude. He seriously loves to fool around. He loves to trick anyone but he still remains to be gentleman, sweet and kind. He has this very extraordinary personality that’s why he remains to be my crush. His personality remains to be disciplined, confidence, congruency treat on each and everyone and his positive attitude makes the entire girls turned on.

His simple humor makes everyone settle in their moods. He’s really one of a kind person. It’s nice to have a crush on someone, for me, this is another factor that keeps us alive. They become an inspiration that keeps us lively in everyday works. We should idealize a person who has good deeds, gentleman, has well positive attributes, and God-fearing person. Looks really count; we all know that first impression of the people around us comes with our outer looks, not our inner personality. Although looks count, personalities and goodwill will always stand out. ESSAY #2 (Narrative Essay) Title: SURVIVING 2ND YR – 1ST SEEM I.

Weeks when you’re with people you don’t know a. Awkward place b. Can’t be yourself in front of others c. You can’t approach and interact others II. Months passed a. You’re getting tight with other groups b. You can fool around with others though you aren’t close with them c. They invite you to Join them in lunch and wander around Ill. Semester’s ending a. You didn’t realize that the semester’s ending because you are enjoying b. Getting real close to your block mates c. You want them to be your block mates until you graduate from college They said college is hard because of the professors and the courses they are caching.

But for me, I don’t find college studies hard. In fact, for me, high school life is harder than the present. In high school, you are able to study a lot of subjects. When February-March is coming, you are procrastinated with each subject’s requirements. In college, you Just need to be prudent and proficient in each course. When discussing, you need to be open-minded. You need to prepare ballpoint and paper because other professors aren’t writing lectures on the board. They Just explain it and it’s your choice if you’ll listen and write, or Just murmur around.

What’s official in college is finding true’ friends. Yes you are with someone who Joins you everywhere but are you sure they are into you? Just because they are with you, doesn’t mean they like you. Finding friends in college seems to be hard. At first, I didn’t want to study in LIE, but my mom said I have to enter the school because it’s closer to our home. She told me that what if I was suffering from heart attack, how can she go to a farther school to fetch me? I passed the entrance exam in JUST and the course I took is Biology. I never liked Science but my grandpa wants to have a doctor in our family.

As I take entrance exam on LIE, I don’t have any idea on what course should I take. I have my high school friends and they are both in management course, they are also block mates so I chose this course. I really don’t like my course, I absolutely hate memorizing lots of stuff but I still don’t know what I want so I picked this course. Vive been with Chaw and Jed since high school and I experienced 1st yr college with them. All of a sudden, I choose to be independent so I left them and my other block mates. Arming, Erik, Eden, Hazel, Anne, Bea and Irvin are my old block mates.

Vive been with them since 1st-ends. As I leave my block, I told the group of Erik that I want to be with them, Arming Joined me. June 13, 2013 was the first day of under-esteem. I was so nervous that I asked my mom if she can drove me to school. Me and Arming met outside the campus, we both didn’t know who we are with. The whole room is crowded with people we don’t know. Every day is so awkward because we aren’t familiarized with people around us and me and Arming are not that close to be with each other the whole seem. I almost attempt to change my block and go back where my old block mates are.

But I keep on telling myself, I need to be independent. I have to be alone and not to be dependent with to go to school because I don’t know how to mingle with people around me. It is so awkward to be with them in terms of their mature Jokes (which I like), and I really can’t act normal around them. I’m a Jolly type of person and I’m holding a lot of sense of humor. I want to Join in their Jokes but I don’t think they’ll like me as well. For studies, I can only ask people such as Irvin, Erik etc. Because they are the people I knew in the entire room. Also, I can’t manage if Arming would take an absent.

I always feel so alone with my new block mates. Months passed, I smile at everyone in the room. I met Jan, Aim, Cedi, Here’s and Neil together with Sunshine, Chisel, Maraud and Centavo (Ken was my classmate last Sister-lessee). They let me Join their groups. We’ve been close since they messaged me on Faceable and Twitter. I was with them every lunch time though I have my PEE class and my break is Just minutes. When they wander around, they ask me to Join them. It’s so fun to be with them because they are so funny and goofy. I feel like my attitude towards are very compatible and well-matched.

They are also accommodative. They know how accommodate with people and not feeling awkward. I can also fool around with others by Joking and tricking them. I can fool around Lawrence, Phillip, Christian, Pray and others. I can do this fooling around thingy because I also help my other block mates in every subjects we’re taking. I really enjoyed being around with them because their sense of humor is like my high school friends. When I’m with them, I feel like my high school friends are with me. Semester’s ending. When I’m chatting with my present block mates, they always say that this semester ends so fast.

Time really flies fast when you’re enjoying. I enjoy the whole company in BIMBO. I feel blessed because I have new friends that I can count on. I got real close to them that I’m even opening personal problems. Even in some grown-up stuff, they are able to understand, consort and associate with me. I really want to be with them until we graduate. I hope this is not the last time being with them. I’m about to take college entrance exam for transferee in other school because of such matters but I’m still hoping that I’ll be with them in the end. This semester was a blast for me.

Although I don’t like my course, I enjoyed it cause I was with them. I’m not saying that last year’s block mates are boring or what, it’s Just that I enjoyed people in this block. They aren’t childish and their minds are so matured. They welcomed me with all their hearts. As Vive heard on a TV series, “friends don’t manipulate friends, friends helps each other” I want to thank all my new block mates who bears with me in every time despite of my kind-of-a-negative attitudes and moody situations. They accepted me regardless of my own flaws. I love them because they can be my ‘serious’ and ‘not-so-serious’ buddies in all times.

I can LOL around and be serious when I’m with them. I thank God for having them because they are such a treasure to me that needs to be guarded with great vigilance. ESSAY #3 (Persuasive Essay) Title: GOD IS ALMIGHTY. YES HE IS. L. God is my Father Almighty a. He is my real Father b. He is my guidance c. He is my heart II. God is my Strength a. He is with me when I’m weak b. He is with me when I’m in trouble c. He is with me when I’m into biggest decisions in my life God is my Savior Ill. A. He is my Holy Nature b. He gives me us Eternal Life c. He lets everyone of us serve Him with all our heart, mind and soul

GOD IS ALMIGHTY. YES HE IS. “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? Though an army encamps against me, my heart shall not fear; though war rise up against me, yet I will be confident. ” Psalm 27: 1, 3, a bible verse that keeps me wide awake in all circumstances I’m taking up. In all trials, God will never betray us. He is our light unto our paths. Whenever we forsake, God will always provide guidance and He’ll make our faith stronger. Others aren’t that God-fearing person. Their reason is “We don’t even know that

God is real because He will never come back because He is dead”. Others may not believe in God because of the trials they’re taking up. But God is our Almighty Father. God will never leave His child because for me, He is real. Though my father left us, though my grandpa died, I still remain to be positive, because I know that my ‘real’ Father won’t leave me. I can still feel His presence and I can actually communicate with Him in terms of praying. He is my guidance because I feel His grace into me. Every time I needed to be console by someone and no one is there for me, I can feel His grace upon me.

I have this scapular that I’m wearing. Every time I’m into hardships or every time I’m not feeling great, I kiss this and suddenly I feel His the one of the reason why I live every day. God is really our strength. Floods, typhoons, earthquakes, landslides are the biggest disasters we are encountering in our lives. Yes it’s hard to rise up in every environmental accident that is happening, but I know God gives us strength to still rise up with all the trials that is happening. He is with me whenever I’m weak. He is with me every time I’m suffering from my disease. He guides and strengthens me very time my disease attacks.

When I’m in trouble, I know He is with me because I can still feel His presence and spirit into me. I can feel Him through strength of mind and loving heart. When I’m into hardest decision makings, I can still His presence and I know in everything that’s happening around me, He is the one who is picking it. I know He is the one who are doing that stuff Just for me to be okay and lead to the good path. God is our savior. He saves us from our sins. He gave His child Just to repay our sin. He is our holy nature. He creates our environment and keeps it holy by the means of increasing the number of our living things.

But others are too abusive that they ruin His creations. When calamities comes, like floods, people around are full of complaints. They are complaining when they are the reason why disasters like floods are happening. He gives each one of us an eternal life. Christ is our authority of eternal life. He gives us eternal life by giving us productive and blessed day each day. When we give Him praise, He always gives us blessed things in every particular situation. He lets everyone of us serve Him with all our strengthen mind, loving heart and peaceful soul.

Whenever we are willing to serve, we could Just volunteer in our parish. We can also be a good child by doing simple things, yet big indulgence to others. Always remember to serve our Lord with all our heart. The main point here is God is real. God will always be there on our side. He will keep on watching us through our hardships. Bible speaks about time frame in which God’s decision is made in respect of our eternal life. It puts all out foundation in the world. From all eternity God has chosen us to be among the redeemed. The main option here is to believe to the goodwill of God and trust Him, either of the two.