E-Business Use in the United Arab Emirates

The Australian principal author of this paper Ana Eden a long standing Ana protocol user AT dustless systems In Nils own amount. However, on his arrival in the AJAX, he immediately experienced great difficulties in successfully negotiating the local e-business sites in his attempts to duplicate the sorts of transactions that he had been undertaking in other parts of the world. Initial investigations into the actual local use of e-business channels indicated that there were generally low levels of understanding and subsequent low usage of e-business by the local population.

It was immediately obvious that many of the local e-business systems were difficult to use and, over time, it became apparent that the infinite of using e-business systems was not generally understood by locals. It was believed that the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), (Davis 1989) would provide a framework that could be used to further examine reasons for the low usage level of this technology.

Jewels et al E-Business in the I-JAKE Proceedings of the Fifteenth Americas Conference on Information Systems, San Francisco, California August 6th-9th 2009 2 It was not obvious why, with an infrastructure potentially as good as anywhere else in the world, the actual levels of business activity appeared to be so low. The research was subsequently organized into three main areas: Infrastructure (including regulatory frameworks) Traders Consumers As the research developed the enormity of the task that we had set became apparent.