Don’t Text and Drive

Statements about the topic (what 3 topics you will Include In your paper) 1 . Toxic substance scholastics 2. Control of the toxic substance 3. Impact of the substance on people and the environment c. A statement that will grab the readers attention II. 3 Body Paragraphs A. 3 paragraphs (indented), one for each subtopic B. Each Paragraph 1 . Begins with a topic sentence 2. Has details that support the topic 3. Ends with a bridge/conclusion sentence. Ill. Conclusion Paragraph A.

Restate the thesis statement B. At least 3 statements that sum up the Important points of each subtopic C. Ends with clincher statement that leaves lasting Impression on the reader IV. Bibliography A. Separate Page with at least 3 references cited correctly. The toxic substance I chose was arsenic, because It has a bad Impact on the human race and their environment. We will discuss arsenic’s characteristics, normal locations and uses. Control of this toxic substance is also a very important issue to De consolable.

Irresponsible use AT arsenic can nave a severe Impact on people’s environment and their health. The disadvantages of arsenic usage far outnumber the benefits. Arsenic is a naturally-occurring, odorless, tasteless metalloid element that is usually found as a silvery-gray solid. Some other natural arsenic compounds appear as white, yellow or colorless powders. Metal alloys of arsenic are used in the manufacture of lead-acid batteries. Other compounds of arsenic are used as colors and dyes in the production of fireworks, paints and glass.

Up to 90% of all arsenic is used as a wood preservative in pressure-treated lumber. Arsenic compounds are also used in some pesticides and military weapons, such as poison gas. Many high- tech devices such as light emitting diodes (Leeds), semiconductors and lasers contain arsenic compounds. Arsenic is not manufactured. Arsenic is bad for you because it is a poison that attacks the heart. Arsenic is extremely dreadful for you in all ways. People can circumvent from the poison is by trying not to touch a lot of metals or copper.

The government agencies control this chemical by testing the metal before hey send it out to the world and if it tests positive and it contains arsenic. It doesn’t affect people as bad as in affects the environment. The way it affects the environment because it affects the water when people throw their garbage in it because it all gathers up and it is awful. It affects people when they drink the water they get arsenic in them and it usually causes their death. That’s how it affects people. Those are the affects that arsenic can do to you. So don’t play around with this chemical because it is always deadly to humans.