Has someone else ever hurt you physically and emotionally? Bullying can be defined as a form of torture toward an innocent person from another “person”, a bully. I have observed three forms of bullying, including physical, verbal, and cyber. A bully is pathetic, insecure, and disgusting, by drawing on the pain and suffering from another human being for enjoyment. This “victim” is the one that gets harassed. From calling names to receiving their head shoved in a toilet, they are the one who are truly hurt. Victims become self-conscious from this treatment. They will even pretend to be sick in order o not go to school.

In some cases, result into hurting themselves physically to resolve the emotional pain, and even falling into death’s clutches such as committing suicide or committing mass murders at schools or other public areas. This makes it harder for that person to make friends, when people hate them. Bullying can take place anywhere, school, bus stop, neighborhoods, even at your Job. However, bullying take place mostly at school. It is currently a huge problem in schools, making it difficult for student to focus academically. Both boys and girls are bullied at an undetermined amount.

Bullying is wrong because it is inhumane; causing physical and emotional pain to another person is cruel. Punching, kicking, spiting, shoving, tripping, and breaking a person’s possessions, is all example of physical bullying. Using the body or another object to hurt another’s body or possession is physical bullying. Mirror overweight, ugly, stupid, gay, unwanted” are examples of verbal bullying. Verbal means using words to communicate. Therefore, verbal bullying is harassing with use of word. Writing notes is also verbal. Ladies and Gentlemen…. The last type of bullying is, in my opinion, the worst type of them all, cyber bullying.

Using the application of technology to hurt someone emotionally and demote his or her social status is cyber bullying. Sending hateful emails, harassing videos, embarrassing photos, and posting downgrading status are all examples of cyber bullying. This is the worst because not only does it hurt the personally emotionally, but also makes them disliked by other people. Secondly, what is on the Internet can never be taken back. Leaving that person with a permanent reminder of the event. This is unacceptable. People shouldn’t be afraid to attend school and get an education. Consequences now-a-days are nothing.

For example, Now-a-days students receive a mere three-day suspension for seriously injuring another student. However, I plan to change that. Len order to resolve this problem we need to include these solutions. First, we need to implement stricture punishment. This will make the bullies think about what they are about to do, and reconsider harassing another student. Secondly, we need more security. Meaning, more faculty, officers, and cameras to survey the area to prevent bullying. Thirdly, we need to give incentives to the ones who actually take up for the victims. Making the students realize doing the right thing is rewarding.

Unfortunately, the school cannot resolve cyber bullying due to their inability to control what students do at home. Only the parents can resolve this. I recommend blocking any communication with that person and telling your parents, therefore, allowing your parents to deal with the situation and bring Justice to their child. Also I recommend, researching state laws pertaining to cyber bullying. This is the part where I advise the victim and bully to consider when in this situation. To the victim, who says you’re not worth it? Who are they to you, nothing? They are pitiful and hopeless, unlike you.

You have the chance now, to show them what your capable of. Prove them wrong. Make them feel horrible about what they said to you. You can achieve this by being your own person, being independent, and not requiring anything for anybody. Your perfect they way you are. Ladies and Gentlemen… Express yourself! Above it all, focus on your academics, ignore their nonsense, and achieve your dreams. Now to the bully, think about what you do before you face the consequences that come with your choice of actions. Hopefully you can ignore the consequences by understanding that what you doing is unnecessary.

I am told sometimes Mimi can never stop people from bullying. ” I reply, Mirror declaration is false. ” With determination, willingness, and understanding, I plan to once and for all resolve this problem. I leave you with this poem used in the “Beat Bullying” advertisement. ‘ Mall am the person you bullied at school,’ am the person who didn’t know how to be cool,’ am the person you alienated,’ am the person you ridiculed and hated. I am the person who sat on her own,’ am the person who walked home alone,’ m the person you scared every day,’ am the person who had nothing to say.