Comparing Worldviews

The series follows the lives of various individuals and groups of people, most importantly the survivors of the crash of Oceanic 815. The plane was flying between Sydney and Los Angles, when it crashed on a mysterious tropical island somewhere In the South Pacific Ocean. Each show usually features a particular story line from the Island as well as back flashes (or forward and/or side flashes; you would have to watch to understand) of Individuals which typically provides background Information into the lives of those on the island.

In addition to the plane survivors, the series includes other groups which inhabit the island. The “Others” is a group who has inhabited the island for an unknown amount of time. There are also several episodes which include people from the Dharma initiative who were brought to the island to study its electromagnetism properties and other supernatural capabilities before meeting their demise from what is presumed to be an attack from the “Others”. Lastly, near the end of the series, the viewers are Introduced to Jacob, the Islands protector, and his nemesis twin brother.

Throughout the SIX seasons of Lost, the viewer Is brought along a Journey of the group of survivors striving to survive In the mythological environment they have found themselves in. On the island there are unexplainable, even super natural accounts of healing. There are occurrences which are unexplainable in the natural world for example polar bears on a tropical island, a mystical black smoke which is fluid in form and attacks individuals at different times. These and many other strange occurrences only compound the situation of being stranded on a remote island.

In the end, the characters come to realize the reason for what they have been through, even if they still may not understand. Jacobs evil twin brother finds a way to bring about Jacobs demise. Without Jacob, his evil brother will be free to leave the Island which has contained him there unless another island protector Is appointed. From this viewers perspective, I Initially found the series to be entertaining and found myself captivated with anticipation of what would happen next.

However, as my 11 year old daughter also begin to follow the show with me I as met with a since of caution as the show began to reveal more supernatural and even spiritual overtones. Tater a typical time AT fleeing ten sin s), tenure were several occasions where we discussed these “overtones” and the ramifications of how it could influence the thought process of an individual concerning spiritual matters. Many of the world’s religions share similar beliefs, principles, and accounts mankind in relation too supernatural entity.

In the show Lost, there are perhaps elements or overtures that identify with other religions. For example, someone of the Roman Catholic faith could identify the island itself as a place similar to purgatory. Jacob is portrayed as a god or a superior spirit which takes the form of man and does good. He is the caretaker of the island and has the ability to heal and in one occasion, a reference is made form a character named Robert to the ability of Jacob to give eternal life. There are several contradictions to the Christian faith.

An observation could be ascertained that Jacob is a portrayal of Jesus. Jacob took the form of man and is the being that allows us to escape from evil. Even the show was given great attitude with “dramatic license”; the show indicates that Jacob can be replaced by another mortal which contradicts the scripture. There is an underlying theme that if you do what is right that one can atone for wrong doings and rise to the level of protector of the island thus keeping the evil spirit from spreading.

However from a Christian point of view, there is no “replacement” for Christ or another way to atone for sins. Jesus answered, “l am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6 In a western view of yin yang, there is Jacobs brother who is the twin brother of Jacob. Jacob wears the light colored clothing and his brother appears in dark apparel. His brother uses deception to trick others comparable to the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

He derives schemes to bring demise to others all in the mission of accomplishing his goal to leave the island and spread evil to the world. There is explicit proffering to Buddhism. The group sent to study the attributes of the island was name the Dharma initiative. The overwhelming driving force behind their initiatives was to find the secrets of the island in order to elevate mankind into the elm in which the island existed.

In some since, the people of the Dharma Initiative was searching for a type of nirvana or freedom from suffering and evil. I would caution anyone who views this series and understand the obvious and not so obvious concepts it presents. Although I appreciated the craft which went into the production of the series, I would have given more caution before l, and especially my daughter, began to watch it. At the end of the day, it is a television show; however it is also a source of influence that one needs to be aware of. Watch with caution.