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Based on the article “Why Is Reality TV Still Going Strong? ” written by Matthew Gilbert on Globe Staff, June 27, 2010. According to Gilbert, he has mentioned that reality TV shows are here to stay because of “alternative programming”. Alternative programming is the most common factor to why viewers would like to keep watching the same drama, sitcoms and game shows over and over again.

In my opinion, I agree with the writer because he has mentioned that in the modern world, even screenplay directors and scriptwriters have a very limited idea span, I also agree that when Gilbert mentioned that reality TV is like “strangers playing board games” is true, because it is always the same idea from the first season to the last, I also agree with the point where Gilbert stated that the cast of the shows will always play the same role.

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Firstly, I personally think the idea span behind most of the sitcoms, dramas and reality game shows are always the same. In example, to explain my point of view and why I have said as the above is in the drama “Desperate Housewives” and “Grey Anatomy, the storyline is almost the same where we can see a little bit comedy in tot, there was always someone that was cheating on their spouses and also the climax where the build up is pretty much the same. Other than that, when the author mentioned that reality TV is like “strangers playing board games” it Is true.

We can see that the logic behind this saying Is when you play a board game, It usually Is the same thing over and over again. For example, In game shows like “The Amazing Race” and “Survivor”, they are always using the same hoax and ways of eliminating or building a story behind the actual experience. People Just happen to Join these TV wows to either get famous or Just for the large sum of money. Furthermore, the part where Gilbert also said that the cast of the reality TV shows are the same and always play the same role In a sitcom or drama.

This Is said because In my personal experience, sitcoms such as “How I Met Your Mother” and ‘The Big Bang Theory’ have the same character styles. To support my point, In both shows they have a playboy, a desperate guy or girl and the weird best friend. By this I can see that reality TV Is still going strong because of Its relevance to the viewers and the characters that they Like r dislike. In conclusion, I want to say that reality TV shows are a dying trait but still has not yet been found dead.