Civilian Memoirs: John Beames

“l is for India, Our land in the East, Where everyone goes To shoot tigers and feast. ” (Ames 278) John Beams’ “Civilian Memoirs” gives a slight reference of what Ames was trying to convey, being that he was in Indian during that time, and that piece was Just about his day to day life, more so touching on why India was the preferred place to live in’. The piece was more based on the work environment as to Beams and his comrade George Faulkner chose to move to India for the same reason, less government control In respect to the work environment. Beams stated on his account .. E great charm of the work of Call officers In Indian Is Its variety. One has no fear of getting wearied by a monotonous routine,” and again In reference to Faulkner, “Eventually the company was dissolved and Its works, plant and employees taken over by Government. Thus Faulkner and a number of other became Government servants. ” D Is for daring We show on the field, Which makes every enemy Vanish or yield. ” (Ames 278) Even though this line of the poem Is probably speaking about war or combat during the colonial times, it can very well be interpreted as just fighting for something you believe, not just for themselves, but for heir country.

John Russian’s “Conclusion to Inaugural Lecture” was not only a daring, but very bold statement made by him because he was very toward with imperial expansion. Through this piece he it is as if he is declaring that his country do the same. The last paragraph, that began with “You think that an impossible ideal… ” Was where he was really challenging his audience, asking them basically why wouldn’t they want to stand up and try to make England becomes one of the greatest empires. (Risking 1 9) This was John Russian’s whole purpose of the conclusion of his lecture, and leads me to my letter selection from Ames.

E is for Empire, where the sun never sets; The larger we make it, the bigger it gets. ” (Ames 278)John Risking was all for expansion and imperial colonization. He wanted for England to be the best it had the potential to be, but he knew that it had to start with the people. He was trying to heavily influence to at least try. “There is destiny now possible to us – the highest ever set before a nation to be accepted or refused. ” (Risking 17) He was telling the people that even that they should strive to expand the English colony as far and as wide as possible, saying who had a better ruling and why couldn’t they have the best?

To forget the “Jealous nations” and If that they must “Reign or Die”. His patriotism was brave, but it was needed for the battles they were facing as a nation to get his country toward the great expansion they were anticipating. “K Is for Kings; Once warlike and haughty, Great Britain subdued them Because the” been naughty. ” (Ames 279) The starred reference In the book explains that the Illustration for the letter ‘K’ was three African chiefs chained together by crown. It seems as If Ames If referencing how Great Brutal has the power to overrule every country/ action, no matter their standing because they felt In a ways superior.