Character Evaluation-Talladega Nights

I rarely watch anything serious, and if I were to evaluate a character I would want them to at least have a life and not something outlandish, like a “Pet Detective”. So, with that being said, one of my favorite movies is” Talladega Nights, The Ballad of Risky Bobby’. Of the five basic traits: openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neurotics, I see Risky bounce between the five throughout the movie. In the beginning we see him as a child who hasn’t seen his father In 10 years, he Is naive and soaks up his fathers’ school speech Like a sponge “If you’re not first, o’er last. Then we see him about 25 years later as an adult, who Is clearly not the brightest crayon in the box, but is very open to spontaneity, as he goes from being part of the pit crew to one of the best racers in MASCARA overnight. Clearly, this makes him partial to Openness. Although in the midst of the movie we see him as an Extroverted egotistical over paid race car driver, his confidence is put on hold after an unforeseen accident on the track puts him into shock and he is suddenly unable to race, having an unfortunate fear of speed.

When this occurs, a new driver has come from France to steal Risky fame, which he successfully begins to do without a hitch. Suddenly Rick’s life Is turned upside down. His wife decides to divorce him and marry his best friend Cal, leaving Risky and his two boys (Walker and Texas Ranger) to move In with his Mother. At this time we see Relays extroversion completely disappear, he forgets how to drive, and begins delivering pizzas on his bike for a living. Suddenly he feels hopelessly neurotic and has nothing to live for.

Now Risky pantones life comes to a screeching halt. He reminds me of the naive boy we meet in the beginning of the movie. He is very Conscientious and scared to take chances at anything. That is when his mother takes matters into her own hands and calls Risky estranged father in to the picture. At this point, Risky has no Ego; he is more agreeable, as he has lost everything and is still depressed. So he takes his father’s teachings and advice and eventually (in a very crazy high speed car chase that involves cops) learns how to drive fast once again.

By doing so he has a little bit more faith In himself, and Is asked to race In the Daytona 500, but still does not have enough self-confidence to want to do so, on account of Jean Gerard (The driver from France). Then his past assistant Suzie stumbles upon him at a bar and gives him the confidence he needs to proceed. In the end we see a more structured, grown man Witt more assonance In enamels, won NAS learned a valuable lesson In Tie Ana Is ready to take it by the horns, not for his Dad or the money, but instead for himself.

He is no longer depressed and has a brighter view on what the future holds for him and his 2 boys. He has developed a better understanding of his Father and is no longer mourning the loss of his wife, as he sees her for what she truly is, in lieu, he also forgives his best friend and realizes how self-centered he was in their friendship. I would say in the end, Risky basic traits were Openness, Conscientiousness, Agreeableness and Extroversion, all in a good way, as he displays all of these characteristics very well in the end.