Ch.18 Survey Questions

What is precipitation?
Is any form of water that falls from a cloud
What are three states of matter?
Solid, liquid, and gas
What is latent heat?
Is the energy absorbed or released during a change in state
What is evaporation?
Is the process of converting a liquid to a gas
What is condensation?
Is the change of state from a gas to a liquid
What is deposition?
Is the process by which an agent of erosion loses energy and drops the sediment it is carrying
What is relative humidity?
Is the ratio of the air’s water-vapor content to it’s water-vapor capacity
What happens to heat when an object goes through a change in state?
When the water-vapor content of air remains constant, lowering air temperature causes an increase in relative humidity, and raising air temperature causes a decrease in relative humidity
What instrument is used in measuring relative humidity?
What is the difference in dry and wet adiabatic rate?
The difference is that dry adiabatic rate only applies to unsaturated air and wet adiabatic rate are caused by latent heat
What are the four mechanisms used to cause air to rise?
Lifting, frontal wedging, convergence, and localized convective lifting
What is front?
Is the boundary between two adjoining air masses having contrasting characteristics
What is temperature inversion?
A layer of limited depth in the atmosphere of limited depth where the temperature increases rather than decreases with height
What type of weather can result when air rises?
Thunderstorms, and tornado
What are the three types of clouds?
Cirrus, cumulus, and stratus
Middle clouds have a prefix of…..
What types of clouds tend to be high clouds?
Cirrus, cirrostratus, and cirrocumulus
What types of clouds tend to be low clouds?
Strarus, Stratocumulus, and nimbostratus
How is fog formed?
On cool, clear, clam nights when Earth’s surface cools rapidly by radiation
What is the Bergeron process?
A theory that relates the formation of precipitation to supercooled clouds, freezing nuclei, and the different saturation levels of ice and liquid
What does supersaturated mean?
The condition of air that is more highly concentrated than is normally possible under given temperature and pressure conditions
What are the forms of precipitation?
Rain, snow, sleet, glaze, and hail
What type of clouds are the chief precipitation makers?
Nimbostratus clouds are one of the main precipitation markers
What does the Latin word stratus mean?
It means to cover