Capstone Dq

Which part of the writing process was easiest for you? The easiest parts of the writing process for me are brainstorming, outlining, and learning the different essay types, PAP guidelines and the Write Point program in the Center for Writing Excellence. Which part was the most difficult? I have several areas that were difficult for me. The areas I know that I need improvement on are developing the outline points into body paragraphs clearly, narrowing down my points and not trying to put too much information into an essay.

Another area that is difficult for me is reviewing another’s work and trying not to sound too mean or even nice with my comments. What did you learn from your writing experience during this class? I learned two major things about my writing skills during this class. First, when presenting an essay for peer review, make sure that it is not a very rough draft. Second, the types of essay styles can change easily when writing. Even though my paper is supposed to be expository, using certain words and tone can create a totally different essay style.

In what ways have you learned to write more critically? I have learned to write more critically by analyzing my sources so the Information I use is reliable. Using reliable sources helps me to organize my information so my writing is thorough and clear. How does this knowledge assist you with your education or In your workplace? Having this knowledge will help with my education by creating essays that are understandable and clear. Being able to write critically will also aid In presenting Information correctly to my Intended audience.