Biome Flashcards

Temperate Dedicuous Forest 
Geography:moderate percipitation and temperature with abundance of dedicious trees (Great Lakes)

Animals:Black Bear & White-Tailed Deer

Plants: White Oak and Fir

Temperate Grassland
Geography: Extreme difference in winter & summer (Central Asia)

Animals:Elephants and Giraffe

Plants:Eurasian Steppe and American Prairie

Temperate Rainforest
Geography: heavy rainfall (Pacific NW)

Animals:Black Bear and Flying Squirrels

Plants:Hemlock and Skunk Cabbage

Tropical Rainforest
Geography: heavy rainfall but warmer (South America)


Animals:Orang Utan and Gibbon

Plants:Pohon Ramin and Rotan Manu

Tropical Dry Forest
Geography:Warm but little rain (India)

Plants:Ironwood and Caicos Plum

Animals:Shrew and Ringtail




Geography: Tropical Grassland (Africa)

Plants:Grass and Acacia

Animals: Zebra and Baboon

Geography: scarce rainfall (Namib)

Plant: Cacti and Shrubs

Animal: Camel and Black Widow

Geography: dry but freezing (Russia)

Plants:Shrubs and Lichen

Animals: Ox and Caribou

Boreal Forest
Geography: Northern coniferous forest (Canada)

Plants:Cedar and Spruce

Animals: Bald Eagle and Black Bear

Geography:small patches of shrubs but dense (California)

Plants: Oak and Cacti

Animals:Lizards and Toads