Bilingualism is defined as a person who has the ability to speak two languages fluently(, 2011). The ability to speak two different languages proves useful In the workplace as well as with public relations. It has become a huge demand for those who are bilingual. It is important that we as humans have the ability to communicate at whatever means possible. It Is a part of our educational system to help the youth of our nation explore and understand where languages come from and to experience culture not of their own.

Even though they are listed as electives, they are presented for our nation’s children to allow them the options for learning a different language other than English. There are those In politics that deem that there should only be one language taught and that It Is Settled. It may be the view to some that the word ‘bilingual’ Is a dirty word and that a true American would only speak one language 2005). This would make for each person who can speak two languages viewed as a foreigner even if they were born in America.

But it is within our means that we can resent multiple languages so that our nations can communicate with each other. Learning and becoming bilingual would not only be for enabling those to understand and teach others in foreign languages but allows a clear understanding of what is being instructed and learned from our pasts.