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Story scrutinizes his strange behavior as his illness darkens stating, depression Is a disorder of mood, so mysteriously painful and elusive in the way It becomes known to the self—as to verge close to being beyond description. ” furthermore; He discusses how Inexplicable the disease is and how difficult It Is to come up with an adequate definition of depression. The author’s illness can mostly be characterized as unexplainable. Story argues that “the pain of severe depression is quite unimaginable to those who have not suffered it, and it kills in many instances because its anguish can no longer be borne. Story speculates as to reasons for his own illness, reflecting back when he was sixteen years old. He affirms that he had stopped drinking alcohol but had become addicted to Halcyon; a pill used on a short term basis to treat insomnia. He describes the chemical changes in his brain as “harrowing”. As the illness darkens, Styrene’s mind continues to deteriorate but at a much faster rate. He losses all sense of fine motor skills, causing him to not be able to drive and to write as he should.

Story inscribes that he “feels as if a “second self” Is following him around, watching him as he prepares to die, rewriting his will, preparing a letter of farewell. ” Styrene’s mind Is saturated with the sense of catalogs, of gloom and awaiting death. Many times throughout the memoir, Story refers to events which have contributed to his illness. In chapter two, Story ponders about Albert Camas and Remain Gary. Camas was a well-known French writer who inspired many of Styrene’s works.

Camas died in an automobile accident before Story could meet him. Gary was an artist and a dear friend who committed suicide. Story contemplates on the connection between depression and suicide, relating them to his own situation. Story continues to reflect on famous people throughout the world who have died ender mysterious circumstances. Story suggests that “their deaths were probably suicides and attempts to explain their deaths as a consequence of their battles with depression. After explaining his addiction to Halcyon earlier in chapter four, Story admits that he admitted himself Into a hospital in December of 1985 and he also shares a few of the symptoms of his depression, Including the “loss of his libido and the waning of his voice. ” In chapter five, Story decides to see a Psychiatrist, DRP. Gold. Story feels that DRP. Gold only made his illness worse by prescribing medications that old eventually be the downfall of his depression. Story writes that he is “consumed with a sense of loss and has given up hope. ” Death begins to sink in and Styrene’s sanity becomes irrational.

He recounts the time when he first checked into the hospital, not knowing If he was going to see the next day. On the verge of suicide, he destroys his diary. During Styrene’s stay In the hospital, he was taken off of Halcyon. He details ten tales when nee along Walt toner depressants, participate In tannery sessions such as drawing, clay modeling, etc. Nonetheless, Story was now on the road to recovery. Personal Reflection Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness was truly a compelling picture of what clinical depression is, and how every individual experiences the illness differently.

By understanding the seven contemporary approaches to Psychology, I have been able to comprehend what William Story suffered to a certain degree. While reading this memoir, questions started to run through my head. I would ask myself, How could a person who his famously notable for their writings be undergoing such a horrific illness like depression? As I continued to read, I discovered that happiness was not achieved by how many titles Story could receive. He was looking for something much deeper than that, something the reader will never know.

This memoir gives such a depressing yet anticipated interpretation on what clinical depression is and how William Story suppressed his behavior, impulses, and desires consciously. By reading and comprehending this book, I now have an enhanced knowledge of how the mind works and why it executes things the way it does. Work Cited 1 . Story, William. Darkness Visible: a Memoir of Madness. New York: Random House, 1992. Print. Darkness Visible: Memoir of Madness By: William Story AP Psychology Mica l. Davis Mr.. South 08-18-2010