Age Structure
The proportion of the population of each age
Birth Rate
The rate at which births occur in a population – measured as # born/time or % of births per population
Death Rate
The rate at which deaths occur in a population – measured as # deaths/time or % of deaths per population
Demographic Transition
Pattern of change in birth and death rates as a country is transformed from undeveloped to developed.
Growth Rate (population)
The net increase of people in a given area for a given time
Human Carrying Capacity
Theoretical estimates of the number of humans that can “safely” inhabit the Earth
Life Expectancy
The estimated average number of years that an individual can expect to live
Logistic Carrying Capacity
Population size in which births equal deaths and no net change in population
Logistic Growth Curve
The S – Shaped growth curve. Population grows quickly but slows down and population reaches a constant
Maximum Lifetime
Genetically determined maximum possible age to which an individual of a species can live.
A group of individuals of the same species living in the same area
Population Dynamics
The study of changes in population sizes and the causes of these changes
A group of individuals capable of interbreeding