AP Enviro vocab

to maintain in safety, keep in unaltered condition
To restore to normal, put back in original state
Natural resource
A resource that comes from our Earth, naturally produced
The capacity to endure, maintenance of responsibility
Market value of all products and services produced in one year by labor of residents in a country
Environmental Science
The academic field integrating physical, biological, physical, and social science
Study of the interaction of ecosystems and its organisms
Exponential growth
a growth rate is shown to grow exponentially larger
Economic depletion
When a resource either costs more to get than to sell
Linear growth
a non-changing growth of a variable
Rule of 70, doubling time
amount of time it takes something to double
Most developed countries, USA
Least developed countries, Kenya
Tragedy of the Commons
OverExploitation, over use of the Earth for human purposes
Common Property Resource
resource everyone has accessible reach to, air
Per Capita GNP
Average value of goods and resources divided by the population each year
Wealth Gap
Major gap between the rich, moderate and the poor.
Ecological footprint
measure of human demand on the Earth’s ecosystem
The intro of contaminants into the natural environment
Bring about the use of something over and over again
To use the Earth’s resources responsibly
Process of using used materials to create a new product
Sustainable Yield
The natural capital that can be extracted without losing the resource
Nonrenewable resource
a resource that can only be used once
Perpetual resources
Resources that never deplete in quality or quantity