Informative Speech Statement of Purpose: My purpose is to teach you the basic properties of Albania and also the types of tourism that can be explored there. Divisions and Subdivisions: Albania has a great potential for tourism. There are many choices for every age. It is a small country in the southeast of Europe. It is surrounded by Greece, FRY Macedonia, Shove, Montenegro and the Adriatic and Ionian Sea. Its area Is 11100 square miles or about 7 times smaller than Idaho. The national flag shows a black eagle with two heads in a red field.

Today there are 3 millions of people living in Albania. A. The only official language Is Albanian, which Is a special language, not related to the German, Slavic or Latin languages. As for the religion, 58% are Muslims, 10% Catholics, 8% Orthodox, 3% Atheists and the remaining belong either to any other religion or refused to declare it. Religion tolerance Is one of the major cultural values. 3. Albania is influenced by western and eastern cultures, so the cultural heritage tourism is an important option. In addition to that, there are mountains, islands, seas, rivers and lakes.

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Almost three quarters of the area is covered by mountains. The rest Is a field, mainly In the western part of the country. The Albanian coast has a length of almost 300 miles. (Transition: We have learned where Albania Is located and the major characteristics of Albanians. ) Many people like to visit historical places, so Albania is a great country to explore different parts of the history of Europe. 1 . The country was populated starting from the ancient times, when the ancestors were called Ailerons. There are ancient cities with historical monuments, like Apollonian. There are theaters influenced by the Greek and Roman style.

Mosaics, statues and Jewelries are found that belong to kings and queens who lived 2500 years AC. 2 For people Interested In ten Immune Ages, toner are many glistening too. Albanians build many castles to protect their land from the Slavic first and then from the Turkish empire. As part of the cultural heritage, we have churches, monasteries and mosques, which were built after the Turkish invasion in the 1 5th century. 3. The history of the 20th century has also a lot of interesting events that are similar with the things that happened in many other European countries. Albania was a communist country from 1945-1990.

There are museums dedicated to this time, which was one of the darkest periods in our history. (Transition: We have learned what can be explored from the cultural heritage by a brief description of the history of Albania. ) Ill. Except the history, Albania is a perfect destination for vacations in every season. 1 . The Mediterranean climate makes it a great destination for summer vacations. The two seas in the west of the country offer different kinds of beaches. There are also lakes used for swimming and fishing. The rivers form canyons which are excellent for people that like adventures.

The high mountains are very appropriate for outdoor activities and winter holidays as well. A. The highest mountains are located in the northeast of the country, with highest one about 9100 Ft. The green nature can be enjoyed in the north by hiking. The There are also some beautiful mountains in the south and southeast, that are used not only for mountain bikes, but also for skiing and snowboarding. References: -The data about population and religion were taken from the Albanian census of year 2011 released by INSTANT ( Institute of Statistics ) in Tirana, Albania.