A Date from Hell

Hell Date People in life will go through bad things. Sometimes it can be a bad job, bad relationship, or even a bad breakup. I am here to talk about a bad date. I know that later on In life I will probably go through other dates, but this happen to be the worst date I have ever had. The things that consider this a bad date for me are when my boyfriend at the time had me pay for everything, put me to sleep during the date, and vomited on me at the end of the night. I am not the person who thinks that a guy should pay every time.

If you trying to express the girl on the first date, I think that It Is required. We went to the movies first. He did not pay for my entrance so I had to pay for It myself. I did not think too much about that. After the movies we decided to eat at Applause’s. I figured I did not have to pay for the food considering that he did not pay for the movies but I did. This was when I got fed up. When the food arrived, I figured that we could talk. He hardly spoke a word. I literally fell asleep at some point at the restaurant.

I had one hand on the table and rest my head on it. Several minutes went by where I was woken up by a waitress. I just came into realization that this guy is so boring that I actually went to sleep on him. Saws not even close to what I was expecting next. When we were heading out the restaurant, the guy did not have a car so we had to wait in my car for his mom to come. As we were walking to the car, he ended up vomiting all the food he just digested. Not only did he vomit on the floor but on me too.

At this point, I did not hat any contact with this guy. I did not even want to see his face anymore that night. So I left him, and got in my car and drove myself home and got cleaned up. Lessons in life can come in various distinguish ways. I definitely learned to never talk to that guy. Having me pay for everything, putting me to sleep, and vomiting on me are just some of the things that made this date hell. My mom and I laughed about this today because it was pretty funny and it was the past. I hope that nobody ever has to go through a date like this.