2-2, and 2-3 notes

air mass
large body of air that has properties similar to to the part of Earth
a boundary between two air masses of difference in desity, temperature, or moisture
a violently rotating column of air in contact with the ground, speed up to 500 km, form at base of cumulionimbus cloud, found in midwest, fujit scale- categories 1-5
winter storm, that have winds at 59 km, low temperature,and can’t see further than 400m
wind shear
the difference between wind speed and direction in a tornado
powerful storms that are created over oceans, winds must be 82 mph, tyyphoons-Pacific, cyclones-Indain ocean, fueled by warm ater
station model
a weather map that uses symbols
a line that connects points of equal temperature
the study of weather
a line that connects points of equal pressure
someone who studies weather
occurs in a cloud or between one or on the ground
What causes thunder
rapid heating of air around a bolt of lightning
T/F You can see lightning
Descirbe a thunderstorm
heavy rain, lightning, thunder and sometimes hail
t/f You can hear thunder
name all four fronts
Cold, warm, stationary, and Occluded
Warm front
light warm air that gose over heavie cold air
cold front
cold air advances to warm air
The three aair masses of different temperature that involves an occluded front
Cold air, cool air, and warm air
Stationary fronts
happens when a boundary between air masses stop advancing
T/F Warm fronts go under cold fronts
T/F the most powerful storm is a thunderstorm
False, Hurricane
T/F You can see further than 400 m in a blizzard
Two ways to know current weather
thermometer and clouds in the sky
high pressure
wind blow clockwise, good weather
low pressure system
wind blows counterclockwise, bad weather (storms, hurricanes)
How tornados form
warm moist air mass (Ssouth), cold dry air mass (north), jet streams (above)
conditions fasvorable for a severe storm
dangerous conditions already exists
Highest number of F3-F5 recorded tornados
Why is a supercell a good source of tornados
Gives more energy and moisture (updraft)
average speed of tornado
30 mph
what is the direction of an average tornado
Southwest to Northeast
Peak months of tornado
April, May, June
Time of day must tornados occur
Longest recorded tornado path
215 miles
Should you open your windows in a tornado
Where should you in a tornado (in a house)
Best way to escape a tornado in a car
side ways
If you are in the open where should you go
depression in the ground
Determines type of precipitation
Air temperature
amount of water vapor in present air
dew point
changes with the amount of air
stratus cloud on the ground